FAQIRIAN       Info. by M. Sufyan, Rehan, Kamran & Arslan Gondal

Village history and latest information

Faqirian is a village in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 54 KM from Mandi-bahuddin city towards South at the boundry of M.B.DIN with SARGODHA and 40 KM from Malakwal towards South. It is a big Town in its nears. The Population is nearly 35,000. And it is 70 years old village.
The Literacy rate of the village is average. It has a Govt. P/S for Boys Since 1977, Middle School for Girls and Community Primary School for Girls. There is also working a private School for the betterment of the Society in my Village. Ghazali Model School. Faqirian is Cultivated Area. The most Population of village is Agriculturist. Some are working in the Government Services, and a number of People are working abroad.

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks

It is approximately 54 KM in the south of the city of M.B.DIN.
Miana Gondal (East).
Dhori SGD (West).
Remont Mona Depot (North).
Chak No1 SGD (South)

Social Personalities of the Village

·        Haji Ahmad Khan Gondal
·        Haji Abdullah Khan Gondal
·        Hayat Ahmad Khan Gondal (Chairman).
·        Nazir Ahmad Gondal
·        Allah Bakhash Gondal (Lambardar).
·        Muhammad Khan Ranjha
·        Malik Hayat Awan
·        Muhammad Khalid Gondal
·        Muhammad Akram Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (session judge of anti-terrorism in Bhawalpur).
  • Aqeel Aslam Gondal (MBBS, specialist in physiotherapy in NIH ISLD).
  • Zia Ullah Gondal (Professor of English, BraniUniversity Rawlpindi).
  • Ahmad Bakhash Gondal (Head Master in P/S Faqirian).
  • Muhammad Sufyan Gondal (M.A.LLB Shariah & Law).
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (SI Punjab Police, M.B.Din).
  • Muhammad Yaqoob (Medical officer in DHQ).
  • Muhammad Amir Ranjah (Civil engineer).
  • Mulana Muhammad Aslam Gondal (M.A Arabic, Diploma in Usual e Din from Riaz UniversitySaudi Arabia.
  • Noman Akram Gondal (Msc History from Qaid e Azam Uni Isld & LLB from BHA uddin Uni Multan).
  • Muhammad Tariq Gondal (Arabic Fazal from Jamih Arabia Gujranwal).
  • Muhammad Rehan Gondal (MBA, IIUI).
  • Shaid Rizwan Waddan (LLB).
  • Aftab Ahamd Gondal (M fill In History).
  • Qari Munir Ahmad Gondal (M.A uslu Din).

Schools, Mosques and Madras are in the village

·        One Govt P/S for Boys
·        One Middle School for Girls
·        One Govt community P/S for Girls
·        One Private School
·        Two Jamiah Masques
·        Three Madras’s (Two for boys and one for girls).

Medical stores and shops in the village

·        Ali Usman Medical store (proprietor Dr Maher M Nawaz).
10 small shops & two big shops.

Main castes

Majority caste

·        Gondal

Minority caste

·        Ranjha

Main crops and fruits in the village

·        Wheat
Sugar Cane
Orange, guava.

Mazars or other in Village

·        Baba kanno shah

Welfare Organizations in the village

·        Society for  welfare al Quran

Free time & Hobby

·        Two branches canals from Lower Jhelum Canal.Walking on the benches of these canals in free time and catching fish is the hobby of people of villagers


·        Cricket
·        Gulidanda