Saida Sharif


Saida Sharif   سيداشريف

This village is famous for the name of a person called Syed. He was Tarar by Cast and migrated from Kulo Tararan (a big village of Tarar family in Distt. Hafiz-abad). He had 3 Sons 1. Ahmed Pando also called Dandka), 2. Takat Mahal, 3. Dhal. Now there are 3 villages with these three names.

Nature of the people of the Village:The people of the village are very nice and have good moral. They are very hard working and most are educated. There is no querrel in the village people. They are very respected and also respect others.

Source of Income:Most of the people of the village are agriculturist. Some do labor , some do business and many are in civil services. The main factories or business in this village are Cold Stores of Pervaiz Sadiq Tarar, Filling-station Al-salum and Gondal Bricks Company of M. Nawaz s/o M. Sharif Gondal Diloana, Al-Qadir Bricks Company of Imtiaz Ahmed Tarar s/o Ghulam Qadir Tarar etc.

Schools and Colleges in the village

·                    Govt. High School for Boys.

·                    Govt. Girls Elementry School

·                    Jami Public Modal High School (pvt)

·                    Furqan Modal School (pvt)

·                    Jamiah Maharif ul-Quran

Social Welfare Organizations in the village

Anjamin  Jansaaran-i-Mustafa

Members:1. Dr. Muhammad Yousaf

2. Muhammad Mansha Rajput

3. Abid Mehmood Shah

4. Malik Ahmed Khan

5. Saif-ullah Tarar

6. Master Khalid Mehmood

7. Maulvi Sher Muhammad

8. Dr. Farooq

Purposes of the Committe:

  • Welfare projects and their control
  • To help poor girls for their wedding
  • To help poor people for free medical treatment
  • Free Camp for the medical treatment of Patients
  • Free Eye-Operation Camp (held once per year)
  • Scholarships for poor childern
  • Free Tuition Center in Summer vacations
  • Arrangements for religious events like Nahat Khani

Religious Personalities of the Village


  • Late Khawaja Mehboob Alam
  • Late Maulvi Khushi Muhammad
  • Late Maulvi Nazir Ahmed
  • Late Khawaja Sadeeq Ahmed


  • Sahabzada Muhammad Ahmed
  • Maulvi Muhammad Rafiq Ahmed Shad s/o Khushi Muhammad
  • Maulvi Mayioodeen s/o Nazir Ahmed

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village    گاؤں کی اعلی تعليم يافتہشخصيات

1. Dr. Ahmed Khan Tarar s/o Mehr Muhammad Tarar USA

2. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Anjum s/o Ali Muhammad Darzi, Al-Riaz Saudi-Arabia

3. Dr. Suqraat Ahmed Tarar s/o Iftikar Ahmed Tarar

4. Col. Sahabzada Altaf Mehmood s/o Maulvi Sadiq Ahmed

5. Maj. Muhammad Anwaar Tarar s/o Umar Hayat Tarar

6. Faiz Ahmed s/o Muhammad Din Darzi, Asstt. Director Atomic Energy

7. Farooq Ahmed s/o Faiz Ahmed, Exion Atomic Energy

8. Shaukat Ali s/o Ghulam Rasul, Manager National Bank M.B.DIN

9. Mazhar Iqbal Tarar s/o Mehr Muhammad Tarar, Manager National Bank Head Faqeerian

10. Masood Sadiq Tarar s/o Haji Muhammad Sadiq Tarar, Cutom Inspector

11. Master Nazir Ahmed s/o Haji Rehmat Khan, Govt. High School Saida Sharif

12. Muhammad Khan s/o Muhammad Ali, S.H.O

13. Dr. Arif Nadeem, Lahore

Social Personalities of the Village       گاؤں کی فلاعی شخصيات

  • Late Ch. Sher Muhammad Tarar
  • Mumtaz Ahmad Tarar s/o Sher Muhammad tarar
  • Haji Salihoon Muhammad Tarar s/o Sardar Khan Tarar
  • Haji Muhammad Sadiq Tarar s/o Sher Muhammad Tarar
  • Imtiaz Ahmed Tarar s/o Ghulam Qadir Tarar
  • Muhammad Aslam Tarar s/o Muhammad Tarar

Famous Personalities of the Village       گاؤں کی مشہور شخصيات


1.  Late Ch. Sher Muhammad Tarar s/o Nawab Khan Tarar

2. Late Ata Muhammad Tarar s/o Muhammad Hussain Tarar

3. Late Ghulam Qadir Tarar s/o Mirza Khan Tarar

4. Late Allah Dita s/o Miraan Bakhish Marasi

5. Late Khawaja Sadeeq Ahmed s/o Mehboob Alam

6. Babu Khan Kattri


1. Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar s/o Ch. Sher Muhammad Tarar, Ex.MPA and present, Minister for Human rights Pakistan

2. Haji Muhammad Sadiq Tarar s/o ch. Sher Muhammad Tarar, Distt. Member

3. Imtiaz Ahmed Tarar s/o Ghulam Qadir Tarar , Nazim

4. Taikedar Muhammad Nawaz Gondal s/o Muhammad Sharif Gondal

5. Sahabzada Muhammad Ahmed s/o Khawaja Sadiq Ahmed, Inspector Punjab Police

6. Sikandar Hayat Tarar s/o Shah Muhammad Tarar, Chairman

Main Crops                                                      گاؤں کی اہمفصليں

 1. Wheat

2. Cotton

3. Rice

4. Sugar Cane

5. Tobbacco

6. Mussor

7. Maize

8. Potatoes and All other Vegetables

Nearest Villages                                          گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

·      Dhola in  East

·        Bhikho in West

·        Qadirabad and Thatta Khan Muhammad in South

·      Takat Mahal in North-West

·      Seere in North

·    Dandka in North West


Main Castes                                                             گاؤں کیاہم ذاتيں

  • Tarar (about 70 %)
  • Muhajjar
  • Rana, Rajput
  • Arain
  • Baale
  • Karar
  • Ranjah
  • Gondal
  • Turkhan
  • Lohar
  • Mouchi
  • Morasi
  • Naaii

Main bradaries (Families) of the Village

  • Khawaje-ke (Sher ke Tarar)
  • Taaje-ke Gandiane (Nazar Tara s/o Maula dad Tarar)
  • Phahar-ke (Ghulam Haider Tarar s/o Sher Muhammad Tarar)
  • Jafar-ke (Ata Muhammad Tarar s/o Muhammad Hussain Tarar)
  • Maha-ke (Ata Muhammad s/o Jalal Numbardar)
  • Al-Saalam-ke (Muhammad Sharif s/o Muhammad Gondal Diloana)

Sports                                                                           گاؤں کیکھيليں

1. Cricket

2. Kabadi