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About Punjab

Since time immemorial Punjab has been primarily an agricultural land. People here are rough and tough when it comes to physical work but they are quite lively otherwise. The culture of Punjab is very rich and the people are so attached to their land that they have still preserved their tradition in it’s very original form. Punjab has seen many ups and downs since it’s origin yet it has survived all odds because of it’s unity. Punjab is well knit as one unit by the yarn of unity and it’s people are bound together by a common tradition since ages.

The old houses of traditional Punjab are worth seeing as they depict the art of the people of this land of cultural heritage. The spacious houses and high roofs show the architectural sense of the Punjabis. The doors and windows of the big havelis were the main attractions. .

Traditionally Punjab has been a land of agriculture. It is a storehouse of grains. The fertile plains of this region and the hardworking Punjabis together make Punjab an agriculturally rich state.
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Punjab was a rich state in the good olden days. It was healthy and wealthy. The people of Punjab believed in eating, drinking and merry-making. They found pleasure in everything they did. The utensils used in those days were made of copper and silver with lots of work done on them which made them decorative and ornated. These were an important part of their lives and each utensil was a live example of the artistic skills of the Punjabis.

Traditionally Punjabis have been quite hardworking. While men were out in the fields, the women folk of Punjab involved themselves in the daily chores of the household and did almost everything themselves. If one happened to peep into a village of Punjab during the day, one would see the women folk busy with vivid household work. Though advancing technology has made work easier and faster, yet we can still trace women doing most of their work in the traditional style.

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