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Adda Pahrianwali اڈا پاہڑیانوالی

Adda Pahrianwali

Village Name: Adda Pahrianwali

Info Provided by: Khawar Ayyaz

E-Mail Address:

Contact No. 00923333006535

A Brief Introduction:

Adda Pahrianwali  is divided into  main branches (MAndi Road , Gujrat Road , Dinga Road , Jokalian Road ). It is situated about 32 Km from Gujrat and 48 Km From M B Din on Gujrat-Sarghoda road. The nearest Police station. 

1 Govt. Degree College for Woman
1 Govt. Hospital
1 Govt Ventry Hospital

School’s in this village:

  • Govt Girls high school
  • Govt Boys High School

Private Schools

  1. Ghzali Modal high school
  2. Mustafai Modal high school
  3. Allied modal school
  4. Laran home school
  5. Watan public hight school
  6. Nobal garamer high school

One Daras, Fatima Tul Zohra


  1. MCB
  2. UBL
  3. HBL

Petrol Pumps:

  • Warriach Petrolum
  • Makan Petrolum

Famous Personalities of the village:

  1. EX. Distric Nazam
  2. Riaz Asghar Ch
  3. EX. Tehsil Nazam
  4. Haji Habib Ullah Gondal
  5. Sadar PTI
  6. Chaudhary Khawar Mangat
  7. Dr. Shahid Nassem
  8. Rafeeq Mustafi

High Qualified Personalities

  • Seyad Akbar Shah Saab
  • Ahmed Warriach Saab
  • Zaheer Babar Asad
  • News Repoter
  • Zahoor Ahmad Sabri

Main Casts of the village:

  • Warriach
  • Gondal
  • Tarar
  • Awan
  • Mangat

Nearest Village:

  • North ======> Loya Tiba
  • North West ==>Sawawha Warriachin
  • West =======> Janu Chak
  • South West ==>Arzani Sawahwa
  • South ======> Chak Zahar
  • South East ==> Kot Pulay Shah
  • East =======>Haigerwala

Adda Pahrianwali

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