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Ahmad Yar Muralvi Great personality of mbdin

Munir Ahmad Iqbal Gujjar

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Maternal Grandson of Murala


Ahmad Yar Muralvi


Ahmad Yar Muralvi was the poet of 18th century. He is a famous Punjabi poet. He is a proud of Punjab. He did poetry in Persian and other languages as well. But he is well known for his Punjabi Poetry. He is also known as Molvi Ahmad Yar.


Historians have written different birth places of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. First historian of Punjabi Literature Bawa Budh Singh wrote Qila Islam Garh as a birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. According to Arjun Daas birth place of Ahamd Yar Murlavi was a small village of Gujrat. According to Maula Bakhsh Kushta, S.S. Amool and Galwant Singh, Murla is birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. Abdul Ghafoor Qureshi described Qila Islam Garh as a birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi in his book Punjabi Da Adab Tay Tareekh. In Punjabi Adab Dee Kahani by Abdul Ghafoor Qureshi, Sohdara (Wazirabad) is a birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. Ahmad Hussain Quershi marked Anand Gadh as a birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi in his book Punjabi Adbiyaat Da Tehqeeqi Mutalea.

However, according to most historians Islam Gadh is a birth place of Ahmad Yar Muralvi.

Now let’s look for date of birth of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. He himself described in his creation Shahnama Ranjeet Singh that he was 70 years old when he started to write this book. Galwant Singh said that Ahmad Yar Muralvi began write this book in 1838. According to this estimate, 1768 becomes year of birth of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. Mostly historians are agreed on this year.

Forefather of Ahmad Yar Muralvi.

According to Ahamd Hussain Qaladaari, forefather of Ahmad Yar Muralvi was inhabitant of Sohdara (Wazirabad). Then they migrated to Qila Islam Garh (Jalalpur Jattan) Distt. Gujrat. It is also proved by Ahmad Yar Muralvi’s poetry that his father used to live in Sohdara and migrated to Qila Islam Garh.

Abodes of Ahmad Yar Muralvi:

Arjun Dass described in the preface of Heer Ranjha Ahamd Yar Murlavi born at small village of Gujrat and migrated to Phalia which was tehsil of Distt. Gujrat and now tehsil of Distt. Mandi Baha-ud-Din. Galwant Singh also wrote the same in the preface of Shah Nama Ranjeet Singh. According to Muhammad Sarwar, Ahmad Yar Muralvi reached Murala directly from his birth place. Dr. Gobind Singh Lanba described that Ahmad Yar Muralvi used to live at Jalapur Jattan till his old age but he migrated to Murala in his last age.

But according to the analysis of Dr. Shahbaz Malik and present member of Ahamd Yar Muralvi’s family Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti, Ahmad Yar Muralvi did not come to Murala directly. He stopped over and often visited nearby villages of Murala i.e. Dhok Shahni, Ghanyan, Nabi Shah Da Kot, Helan, Gajjan, Salaiman and Seiry.

Reason of Migration (Love Story of Ahmad Yar Muralvi & Rani):

Historians who wrote the biography of Ahmad Yar Muralvi described that Ahmad Yar Muralvi migrated from Jalalpur Jattan due to defamation caused by his love with a non-muslim girl Rani. But Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti and Ch. Muhammad Hussain Warraich (late) whose grandfather was pupil of Ahmad Yar Muralvi strongly opposed this blame. Ch. Muhammad Hussain Warraich (late) said that Ahamd Yar Muralvi came to Murala when he was above 50 years old. So, it is not true that Ahmad yar Muralvi left jalapur Jattan due to his Insult.

However, it is fact that Ahmad Yar Muralvi portrayed a woman named Rani few times in his poetry.

Writings of Ahmad Yar Muralvi.

Following are famous writings of Ahmad Yar Mualvi:

Hulya Shareef Rasool-e-Maqbool, Hulya Shareef Ghaus-ul-Azam, Munajat-e-Rasool-e-Pak, Miraj Nama, Wafat Nama Rasool-e-Pak, Ahsanul Qasas, Sharha Dua-e-Siryani, Baran Mah, Heer Ranjha Ahmad Yar Muralvi, Kaam Roop, Tibb-e-Ahmad Yari, Tibb-e-Muhammadi, Hatim Nama, Qisa Ahwal-e-Zaman, Qisa Malki Qeema, Mojaza-e-Fakhta, Dastan-e-Raam wa Seeta, Shah Nama Ranjeet Singh,

Source of Income of Ahmad Yar Muralvi:

We come to know from the poetry of Ahmad Yar Muralvi that his and his forefather’s source of income was Hikmat (Herble Treatment). Ahmad Yar Muralvi also cultivated the land. We also come to know from his poetry that he was granted scholarship (Wazeefa) by Sikhs.

Ahmad Yar Muralvi and Murala :

Mostly historians agreed that Ahmad Yar Muralvi came to Murala after 50 years old. He also died here.

We come to know from Ahmad Yar Murlavi’s poetry that he had not good relations with Murala’s inhabitants. He said in his poetry that where ever he went, people respected him but only people of Murala behaved him rudely. People of Murala feel jealousy to Ahmad Yar Muralvi due to his wisdom and knowledge.

At that time an event took place at Murala.  People of Murala were constructing a Mosque. Ahamd Yar Muralvi pointed out wrong direction of mosque. People of Murala behaved him offensively. Even, some people punched him. This mosque still exists in Murala. As this mosque is located in the centre of village Murala so, it is called as Wichkarli Maseet. Owing to misbehave by Murala’s people, Ahmad Yar Murlavi wished many times to leave Murala. But he said there is a saint in Murala who does not let me to go.

Religious/Spiritual Guide of Ahmad Yar Muralvi:

In his writings Ahmad Yar Muralvi described Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him as his greatest religious/spiritual Guide. He also had great respect for Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam. When the people of Murala misbehaved on event of mosque, Ahmad Yar Mualvi called Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam in his prayers. He also had spiritual attachment with Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar. He also loved with children of Hazrat Nosha Ganj Bakhash.

He had extraordinary spiritual attachment with saint of Murala, Main Sala-ud-Din and asked about him that there is a saint in Murala who does not let me to go. Shrine of Mian Salah-ud-Din is located in the graveyard between village Murala and village Makhnanwali.

Death of Ahmad Yar Muralavi:

Mostly historians wrote 1845 as a year of death of Ahmad Yar Muralvi. However, some historians wrote 1848. Ahmad Yar Muralvi’s grave is near Mian Sala-ud-Din tomb in the graveyard between village Murala and village Makhnanwali.

Family of Ahmad Yar Muralvi’s:

Muhammad Shafi

Ahmad Yar Murlavi

Ali Haider


Ali Qasim


(Name Unknown)


(Name Unknown)

Ali Muhammad

Molvi Ghulam Muahmmad

Zainab BiBi

w/o Ahmad Khan Numberdar

Aimna Bibi

Ayesha Bibi

Fatima Bibi

w/o Hakeem Ghulam Muhammad

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti Add. Sec. Health, Punjab

Hamida Begum

Prof. Mumtaz Bhatti

Ex-Prinicipal Govt. College of Technology, Rasul, Mandi Baha-ud-Din

Rasheeda Begum

Mukhtar Ahmad Bhatti

Ex-Headmaster Govt. Islamia High School, Mandi Baha-ud-Din



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