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Ainowal عینووال

 عینووال Ainowal


History is a village separated from Bhikhi with total population of 660 while household is 259. The post office of this village is Khutiala Sheikhan 

Nearest Villages:

  1. Bhikhi
  2. Mand
  3. Khutiala Sheikhan
  4. Diluwal

Famous Personalities:

  • Cha. Mukhtar Ahmad Gondal
  • Haji Bahadar Sardar ka (Ex. Member)
  • Ashfaq Ahmad

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  1. Hassan Gondal (MBA)
  2. Irshad Gondal (DFO)
  3. Sikandar Aslam Gondal (SI CTD)
  4. Zafar Gondal (ASI)
  5. Nazir Sahi (Ex. Inspector)
  6. Rafaqat Ali Warraich (Punjab Police)
  7. Zaighum Raza (Pakistan Airforce)
  8. Shahzad Umar Gondal (Forest Officer)
  9. Usman Umar Gondal (Advocate)

Social Personalities:

  • Shahzaib Mukhtar Gondal
  • Ali Saqlain Numberdar (ISF Member)
  • Abrash Gondal


Govt. Primary School Ainowal


  1. Jamia Masjid Abu Bakar
  2. Masjid Rehmat Ul Alameen
  3. Masjid Ameer Hamza
  4. Masjid Haq Char Yaar


Pir Mian Noor Shaheed


There are 5 Karyana shops and 3 Barber Shops

Main Bradaries

  • Alla Din
  • Mehram Kay
  • Akbar Kay
  • Numberdar
  • Ameer Kay
  • Nadar Kay
  • Khaire Kay


  1. Gondal
  2. Warraich
  3. Sahi
  4. Sial


  1. Aljannat Marriage Hall
  2. Aljannat Bricks company
  3. Aljannat Petroleum
  4. Baqar and Sons Tuff Tiles
  5. Baqar and sons Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Awais Gondal Petroleum
  7. Zaman Petroleum
  8. Anmol Petroleum
  9. Subhan Dera Shinwari Hotel
  10. Roof Top Pizza Vally

Allah Bless this village

Information provided by: Ch. Shahzaib Gondal
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Information updated on 13 August, 2022


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