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Aitchison College monthly fee structure revealed

Aitchison College monthly fee structure revealed

Fees of Aitchison College which is considered as Govt is not at all less than private educational institutes which is available on its official website along with all the details. As per the information given on the website, this fee and boarding fee is on monthly basis.

According to the website, the tuition fee for classes K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 is Rs 55,900, while the boarding charges for the same class is Rs 59,300. On the other hand, the tuition fee for K6, E2 and M1 classes is Rs 61,300, while the boarding charges are Rs 63,600.

Class 9th and 10th, M2, C1, and C2 tuition fees are Rs 67,700 and their boarding charges are Rs 68,400. Tuition fee for FSC1, FSC2, H1 and H2 is 77 thousand 500 and its boarding charges is 70 thousand 700 rupees.

Shooting fee is also available on the same website along with various sports, travel facility. The transportation fee is Rs 15,000 while the ride fee is Rs 12,000. On the other hand, arena polo fee is 12 thousand rupees and marksman’s fee is 6 thousand rupees. Also, the institution had to write that the annual change in fees and charges will be done on the decisions of the board.

A conflict between Aitchison College Principal Michael A. Thompson and Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman has taken shape while Ata Tarar also contacted Principal Michael A. Thompson over telephone and requested to withdraw his resignation.


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