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Apple Introduces Roadside Assistance Via Satellite Feature In iPhone 15

Apple Introduces Roadside Assistance Via Satellite Feature In iPhone 15

Roadside Assistance Via Satellite Feature

Apple introduced ‘Roadside Assistance Via Satellite‘ feature for the first time in iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 in case of no signal.

California: The Apple company has announced new devices as well as new technologies at its annual press conference of new devices. In which a new service has been introduced for the first time in case of emergency and no signal. This feature is called ‘Roadside Assistance’.

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Readers may recall that the iPhone 14 smartphone and watch introduced the ‘Emergency SOS’ and ‘Find Me Via Satellite’ features in case of no cell tower signal, which are now available in 14 countries. Currently, ‘Roadside Assistance via Satellite’ is only offered for the US. Including getting stuck somewhere, running out of charge and fuel or having a flat tire like the phone signal is not visible around.

Under this, the phone communicates with satellites, and with roadside assistance agencies. This message goes directly to the support service, including the need for help or equipment and your GPS location.

It connects to the Global Star satellite. This includes satellite ground stations. Apple has spent millions of dollars to provide this facility to users.


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