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Barmusa بارموسیٰ

Information provided by Faisal Gondal
 Barmusa is famous and historical village of Gondal bar in district mandi Bahauddin.barmusa is itself union council and its population is neat about fifteen  thousand. It is situated at Sargodha road  and  It is for away 30 KM from district hq and 25 KM form motorway Salam interchange.  Barmusa is educated village of district and people is serving in Police, Food, Education, Bank, Army, civil service, judiciary and as Lawyers. Rizwan Umer Gondal who passed CSS exam with first position and now serving as ASP Islamabad. Barmusa is land of citrus. 
Educated and famous people 
Ch Muhammad Nazir Gondal Agarka 
Ch Bashir Ahmad Gondal Agarka 
Ch Shukhat Hayat Gondal Agarka 
Ch Muhammad Nawaz Gondal Advocate 
Ch Muhammad Yar Gondal
(R) Officer HBL 
Ch Muhammad Iqbal Gondal 
Advocate. Ex president DBA
Ch Nawaz Gondal Agarka 
Director PESSI Lahore 
Faisal Shahzad Gondal Agarka 
Advocate High Court
Adnan Saleh Gondal Agarka 
Advocate high court
Tamour Hassan Gondal Agarka CSP
Hamid mukhtar Gondal (R) DIG
Saleem Mukhtar Gondal Rajaka 
Iftakhar sultan Gondal Rajaka 
Rizwan Umer Gondal ASP
Akhtar Umer Gondal Laleka DIG 
Fakher Umer Gondal Laleka 
Sikander Gondal Genral secretary
PMLN Distt M B Din
Near village
Chak no 26


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