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Beautiful Places in Mbdin City

Beautiful Places in distt.

  1. Nuth house, near to Rasul chooki

Famous Bazars of City Mandi Bahauddin

Sadar Bazar: Its the main and Central Bazar of City mbdin. Its direction is from North to South. It is famous for Shoes Shops and Shopping centers.

Sadar Chowk: This Chowk (Cross-section of two main bazars –Sadar Bazar and Ketchari bazar) is famous for its Cloth houses, Jewlers markeet and Commerical activities.

Sabzi Mandi or Sabi Bazar: Its very famous and is always full of people. Here you can buy all types of Vegetables, Fruits and other eatable articles.

Commity Bazar: Here you will find many departmental stores.

Lunda Bazar: Its totally ladies bazar. Here you can find old and new cloths and garments of every type (imported and local), local broidary shops and articles and all other articles for females. Here are mostly garment shops.

Ambala Markeet: Its very famous for Desi Ghee. Here you can buy original high quality Desi Ghee.

Ghalla Mandi: Here you can buy local products of mandi bahauddin like Wheat, Rice, Maiz and all other products that come directly from rural areas of district mandi bahauddin. Here are many shops related to agriculture.

Yaseen Plaza: Here you can find Computer shops, Mobile telephone shops, Shopping Centers and Educational academies.

Reagal Market:  Here you can find many Tailors shops and ready-made garment shops.

Banu Bazar: Its pure ladies bazar. Here are many shops of garments, embroidary, Jewlary, Cloths, Cosmetics and Shopping centers. This bazar is also always busy with people.

sadar bazar.famous for shoes.shops and shoping centers,

sadar chowk.cloth houses,jewlers markit, comercial area hai

sabzi mandi,important place, yahan apko her waqat rash miliga, kion yahan her khanay pakany ki chezain milaingi

commety bazar,keryana shops totally

lunda bazar,tottaly ladies bazar,cloths garments.local,products,and all about related to ladies, garmetns shops mostly

Ambala markit.famous 4 desi ghee,yahan apko achi quality ka desi ghi meliga

ghalla mandi.yahan apko local products like wheat.rice. wagira milinga.zare adweiyaat ki shops hain ider

yaseen plaza.computers,mobile.shoping centers and educational acadmies

reagal main tailaring shops hain

banu bazaar–ladies bazar hai.jewlary.garments,shoping centers.cloth shops.cosmatics shops, yahan apko male nazr nahi ayingay


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