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Beer Pindi Jharana

Beer Pindi Jharana
info provided by Muhammad Javeid


 My village is situated 8km from mandi bahaudin dist. head quarter on its north side village Ahla and Bagha Pump on south west Ala railway station and east shah taaj sugar mill is situated. Our village have a lot of paths/ways bt kucha paths the total population is nearly about 1000 persons  one girls/boys primary school two Mosques only two hundred families and 130 people r working abroad countries 20 in eurpean countries and 110 in arab countries only three people have  post graduation degree  two bachlor in arts only one sub engineer one sst teacher one Phd holder living in abroad.Our village was famous for hakeem Faiz Rasul s work in hikmat. Now Cable and DSL facility is available in our village.


گاؤں کی مشہور اور ی تعليم يافتہ شخصيات

Shahzad butt and his late father Ghula kashmiri

گاوں کی اہم ذاتیں



and chadher families in majorities

اہم فصلیں

Crops rice wheat sugarcane mustard vegetables maiz

گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

near by villages malkanwala bagha pump ahla ala station


اپنے گاوں کے مسائل اور ضروریات لیکھیں:

roads and sewerage water r big problems and one ground for play we needed


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