Bhachar بھچر

Bhachar بھچر

A beautiful village with all of natural facilities and biographical history . A wonderful location well learned people.

There are 4 mosque ? in this village

Famous People:

  1. Haji sarwar Nasar ka
  2. Ch. sikandar sai ka
  3. Sardar ghoni ka
  4. Riaz darkanya Hamayun Javed Nasar ka
  5. Atiq Urrahman gondal
  6. Matti ullah
  7. Faisal imran


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Mobile number: 03461600001

  • Atiq Urrahman Gondal

    Atiq Urrahman Gondal

    May 8, 2019

    Village name Bhacher 4 mosque ? famous people
    Haji sarwar Nasar ka
    Ch sikandar sai ka
    Sardar ghoni ka
    Riaz darkanya Hamayun Javed Nasar ka
    Atiq Urrahman gondal
    Matti ullah
    Faisal imran

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