Info by: Rana Azmat Ali


(Note: – if anybody want to include any further valuable information in it,He will be most welcomed)


            Bhekhey Waal is 17KM away from Phalia city and 3KM away from Bhoa Hassan. It located on Bherowal Phalia road. Having fast transport facility.

Bhekhey Waal is a little bit scattered village; include some small mohalaas e.g. Yousbabaad Basti at 2KM from main road and Ali aala at 1KM from main road.

Ø      Yousbabaad basti: –      It is connected with main village through a road.

Ø      Ali aala: –                      it is also connected with main village through a road.


            It is very old village before the time of Partition 1947.

Founder of village:-

                        Name of village (Bhekhey waal) is on the name of any person with name Bhikha.


                        Its population is almost 5000 currently. Yousbabaad basti population is 500.

Nature of People:-

                        People of Bhekhey waal are gentleman and energetic. They are hard worker.

Source of income:

            People work in different field.

·        Agriculture

·        Abroad

·        GOVT Employee

·        Business

Forces etc…   

Neighbors’ villages:-

Ghonghawali in North at 2KM

                        Matto in South at 3KM


Highly Qualified Personalities:-

Ø      Asif Gondal –B.A—Abroad

Ø      Nawaz Lumberdar—B.A—-Farmer

Ø      Nazar Maar Master—M.A—Teacher

Ø      Rana Amjad Raffiq—F.A—-Policeman

Ø      Rana Shafiq Raffiq—F.A—Policeman

Ø      Rana Tariq ———F.A——policeman

Social Personalities:-

Ø      Ch. Annar Khan Rowana

Ø      Ch.Ashraf Rowana

Ø      Ch. Saleha Muhammad Gondal

Ø      Rana Ashraf Chuhan S/O Nabi Bakhash

Ø      Ashiq Qureshi Singer

Ø      Rana Badar Munir

Main Castes

 There are following castes living in Bhekeywal.

ü      Rowana

ü      Rajpute–Chuhaan

ü      Gondal

ü      Arain

ü      Tarkhan

ü      Malik-Teli

ü      Qureshi

ü      Muslim Sheikh

ü      Deindaar

ü      Dhabey

ü      Maachi

ü      Bhutta–Mayaney

Main Crops

There are following crops which are cultivated in Bhekewal:


ü      Suger Can

ü      Rice

ü      Wheat

ü      Jute

ü      Bajra

ü      Cotton


ü      Mango

ü      Banana

ü      Guava

ü      Jamen

ü      Water Melon



            There are two schools:-

o       Primary Boys School Bhekhey waal

o       Middle girls school Bhekhey waal.

            One school is issued by authority in Yousbabaad basti but that is not started still now.


ü      One mosque in center of village

ü      One mosque in Yusbabad basti (Masjid Al Madina)


            There is an old darbar with name “Peer Jagna”.


ü      Cricket

ü      Baliball

ü      Guli Danda

ü      Kabadi

ü      Wrestling



            There is deficiency of High Schools for both girls and boys. They are issued but still not started. Boys go Bhoa Hassan for study after primary and most of the girls stop their study after middle due this problem.