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Bhikhi Sharif

Bhikhi Sharif

Village historical and latest information

  • Location of the village:Bhikhisharif is situated on sargodha road about 13km from the Distt Mandi Bahauddin.
  • History of the village:In 1753 a lady name Bhikhi have bought this area so this village is named Bhikhi.In1937 Hazrat jalal uddin give base to a relegious school named Jamia Mohammadia nooria Rizvia bhikhi.  As this insituation grows poeple of this area are awaired they become humble.So the name of Bhikhi is changed to Bhikhi Sharif.
  • Population (inhabitants)of the village:The population of bhikhi is 32000.
  • Parts (Mohullas) and braudaries in the village:This is very large community.Bhikhi sharif is divided in many Mohullas like jalali,balu pori,shumali,jonoobi n much more.Braudaries are Gondals, Jutt Sohi, Warriach,Tarars, Gunjas, Gujjars and all working Casts
  • Nature of People of the village:Nature of people is very friendly due to the teaching of the peer Jalal uddin & his sons.
  • Source of income of the village:Major accupation of the people is Agriculture.But 70% people are abroad.
  • People in Civil Service:
  • Civil Judges
  • Advocates
  • Teachers
  • Scholars
  • Bankers

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks:

In the east dinga Chak In west Aaki Choknawali Inowal & Dalowl.In the south Adalt Abad.In North kuthyala Shekhan.

      Social Personalities of the Village:

  • Peer Jalaluddin Shah
  • Peer Mazhar Qayom
  • Qari Irfan
  • M.Mehfooz Mushheddi
  • Master Gulam Sarver (Nazim)
  • Ch.Shbbir Ahmed Gunja(Ex Nazim)
  • Ch.Sdique Gunja(CO.Phalia Shugar Mills)
  • Ch.Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village:

  • Ashraf Asif Jalali
  • Ch.Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)
  • Ch.Saqib Gondal (ASI)
  • Naveed ul Hassan Shah

Schools, Collages in the village:

  • GovernmentInter Collegefor boys
  • GovernmentHigh School  for girls
  • Golden future Public school
  • Islamic college for girls

Mosques and Madrasas in the village:

  • Jamia Mosque Jalali
  • Jamia Mosque Sher e rubbani
  • Jamia Mosque khajoor wali

Main crops and fruits in the village

·       Wheat

·       Rice

·       Cereals

Mazars or other historical buildings in Village

·       Mazar of Jalaluddin

Welfare Organizations in the village

·       Jutt welfare society

Free time & Hobby

·           Shooting Ball

·         Cricket

·         Foot Ball

·         Kabuddi

·         Kushti

Main Problems of this Village

·       Problems faced by poor people of the village

·       Educational problems faced by girls and boys of the village and missing teachers in schools

·       and all promises of our leaders that they made in past or in recent election about this village and its people.

·       Medical problems- No big hospital nearby

·       Roads condition is very bad

·       No Play ground / Park

·       And all others problems what you see in daily life of people of this village

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