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Canada Visa: Big Announcement For Pakistani Applicants

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Canada’s big announcement regarding visa applications for Pakistanis

Canada Visa Update: Canada’s Ministry of Immigration has announced that visa applications for Pakistani citizens will now be processed within 60 days.

In one of his tweets, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser addressed Pakistanis and said that the duration of visa application process for new applicants is not 802 days.

He further wrote that currently the duration to complete the application process for temporary resident visa is 90 days and we are trying to increase this period to 30 days in the near future.

Canada’s Minister of Immigration further explained that the 802 deadline for visa application processing on their official website is coming as the Canadian government is currently completing processing of old visa applications due to the coronavirus. Due to the border closure during the days of the virus, they could not move forward.

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Shaun Fraser said that we have reduced the backlog of temporary visa applications of Pakistanis from 55 thousand to 15 thousand for canada visa.


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