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Government’s announcement to provide smartphones to citizens in installments

Government Announced To Provide Mobiles To Citizens In Installments

Smartphones for All Scheme 2022

ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has announced to introduce a new program Smartphones for All Scheme 2022 for access to smartphones for all citizens of the country, under which smartphones worth up to one lakh rupees will be provided to citizens in easy installments.

This was announced by Federal Minister for Information Technology Syed Aminul Haque while addressing the event titled ‘Smartphone for All‘ in Islamabad. On this occasion, Deputy Minister IT Syed Aminul Haque said that the talks with Tik Tok have been completed, and Tik Tok will set up an office in Islamabad in a few weeks. The federal minister said that Facebook will also set up an office in Pakistan.

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Federal Minister for Information Technology Syed Aminul Haque said that under this scheme, anyone will be able to get a mobile phone on payment of 20-30%. For this, Smartphones in installments will not require any collateral or paperwork but will only be possible to acquire a mobile phone on National ID card.

Smartphone For All Scheme 2022

He further said that under the Smartphone for All scheme 2022, smartphones worth Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh will be given in installments of 3 to 12 months. If an individual does not pay the installments, the phone will be locked. After that the device will not be able to be used anywhere in the world.

The federal minister further said that the aim of this scheme is to bring smartphones to the common man and to bring small entrepreneurs towards e-commerce, but he did not talk about the launch date of the program.

Chairman PTA said that with the initiative of GSM, consumers will be able to get smartphones at reasonable rates on installments. According to GSMA report, 50 percent of people in Bangladesh use smartphones. 6 crore broadband subscribers have increased on Pakistan’s networks, from 2018 till now broadband subscribers have increased from 5 crore to 10 crore.

mobile smartphone

He further said that PTA’s DRUBS system has proved to be a game changer, this system has stopped stolen and duplicate IMEI phones, this system has provided a level playing field to mobile manufacturers, and 17.9 in 12 years. Million mobile phones were produced locally, in 2020, Pakistan imported 24 million mobile phones, while in 2021, after this system, the import of mobile phones has reduced to 10 million. The chairman said that all except Apple and Huawei. Companies have started making mobiles in Pakistan.


honda bike price in pakistan

Honda Company Has Increased The Prices Of Motorcycles

Honda Bike Price In Pakistan

The Honda Company has informed the dealers regarding the increase in the prices of all models of Atlas Honda Bike Price in Pakistan 2022. According to the announcement, the new prices will be applicable from Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

Earlier, on August 1, the prices of all models of Honda motorcycles were increased, but now that the value of the dollar is stable, why has the price of Honda increased? In this regard, the Chairman Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers Association Sabir Shaikh says that about the models which the company claims that 90% of its manufacturing takes place inside the country, such as 70cc and 125cc, the price increase is understandable. I don’t come, but the situation is different for the rest of the imported models, whose parts are all imported.

According to Sabir Sheikh, dollars are still not available for LCs of imported motorcycles and the taxes are also very high. A motorcycle worth Rs. is increasing

Atlas Honda Bike Latest Price In Pakistan

The biggest price change is the Honda CB 150FSE, which has been increased by Rs 15,000 to Rs 3,57,900 from Rs 3,42,900. The price of Honda CB 150 has also been increased from Rs 3,38,000 to Rs 3,53,000.

The price of Honda CG 125 has been increased by 6 thousand rupees, which makes the price of these model 1,85,900 rupees, which was earlier 1,79,900 rupees.

The price of CG 125 Self has been increased by Rs 9,000. The new rate of Honda 125 is Rs 2,19,500 which was earlier Rs 2,10,900 and the price of CG 125 F has increased by Rs 9 thousand and reaches to Rs 2 lakh 83 thousand 900.

According to auto dealers, the price of Prider has been increased by Rs. 6 thousand, which has brought the price of this model to Rs. 1,61,900, while the price of CD70 Dream has increased by Rs.5,000 to Rs.1,29,900. With the increase of Rs.1 lakh 21 thousand 500 has been reached

It should be noted that the prices have been increased every two months justifying the increase in the value of the dollar.

instagram keeps crashing 2022

Instagram Keeps Crashing: How To Fix Instagram Crashing 2022

Instagram Keeps Crashing 2022: How To Fix Instagram Crashing

Whether it’s when opening the application or DMs, creating Reels when trying to post or expanding your posts, Instagram crashes can be more than a little annoying. However, this is much less annoying than Instagram deleting your account for no reason or not allowing you to post.

If you’re regularly experiencing crashes when you’re trying to use Instagram app, there are a few potential steps you can take in an effort to resolve them. And you’ll hopefully be back amongst it in next to no time.

How To Fix Instagram Crashing

Maybe you’re trying to see what’s happening in the world. Maybe you’re an influencer and trying to boost your following. Or perhaps you just want to watch funny videos of people falling over. It doesn’t really matter. The problem is the same whoever you are.

However, the good news is that you can easily fix the Instagram crashing issue by following the Tricks given below.

Check for updates

Perhaps fairly obviously, a great starting point is to look for any pending updates for your phone or for the app itself. If, for example, your phone has a new OS update, you may need an updated app in order for the two to be compatible.

So take a look, and if there are any pending updates about that app, download and install them as soon as possible.

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Clear your cache

As you use apps on your phone, they will cache data on your device, in an effort to speed up loading. Over time, this can build up and actually start causing problems. Even more so, if any of the cached data has become corrupted. So clearing your cache is a good option to potentially resolve this issue.

If you’re on an Android device user, do the following steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap the Storage heading.
  • Select Other Apps to see a full list of installed apps on your phone.
  • Find Instagram App and select it.
  • Tap the Clear Cache button.

If you are iPhone user, there is no way of clearing the app cache other than to delete the app and reinstall it. To do this:

  • Find the Instagram app icon on your Home screen or in the App Library.
  • Tap and hold your finger on the Instagram icon until a menu appears, or all the apps start to jiggle or vibrate.
  • Press Remove App, or the minus sign at the top-left corner of the icon.
  • When prompted, confirm that you want to delete the app.
  • Reinstall Instagram, and log back into your account.

Check your phone’s available storage

Instagram can also crash if your Smartphone’s storage is empty or almost full. For apps to work smoothly, your Smartphone must have 10-20% of free storage. Apps like TikTok can take up so much space on your phone and hog the storage that you won’t be able to use other apps.

If you’re running out of space on your device, you can try deleting some apps and photos or videos you don’t need.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

If you use an iPhone device, you may have already completed this step by following the previous suggestion. But if you haven’t already done so, or you don’t use an iPhone, then deleting the app, and then reinstalling it, is another option to try to overcome this issue.

If nothing seems to be working, it may be worth checking Instagram’s official Twitter feed, where they’ll let you know of any issues that may be stopping the app from working. This might be server problems, for example.

instagram keeps crashing 2022
instagram keeps crashing 2022

Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing?

Experience tells us that there are a few main reasons why you might experience Instagram crashing on a regular basis:

  • The Instagram app needs to be updated
  • Your app has become corrupted
  • Your device is low on cache memory
  • You device is using old OS

Beyond these, there is also the possibility that your device may no longer work with Instagram. This is primarily for older phones, which run on a much older version of an operating system, that is no longer supported by the app developers. If this applies to you, then it’s still worth trying our fixes. But if you have a really old phone, there will come a point where you may have to admit defeat and consider upgrading it.

In general, though, it’s virtually impossible to diagnose the fault before trying to troubleshoot it. So work through the suggestions we’ve outlined above, and hopefully one of them will work for you.

Historically, Instagram has been pretty good at resolving any known bugs quite quickly than others. So if there is a more fundamental underlying cause at play, it hopefully won’t take long for them to identify and fix it.


class 4 jobs in education department 2022

Class 4 Jobs In Education Department 2022

Class 4 Jobs In Education Department 2022 Punjab

SED has announced Class 4 Jobs In Education Department 2022 Punjab. The recruitment of Class 4 for Baildar, Chowkidar, Lab Attendant, Mali, Naib Qasid, Sanitary Worker, Security Guard, Waterman jobs in schools and offices across the Punjab. The total number of vacancies in advertisements is 6,206 across the Punjab. The last date for submission of applications is 30 December 2022.

Class 4 Jobs Eligibility Criteria

Class 4 Jobs Eligibility Criteria in Punjab School Education Department is Educational Qualification is Matric, Middle and Primary. Age limit is 18 to 40 years. The job advertisement was published in the daily Khabrain newspaper. This recruitment is on permanent basis.

Last date for submission of Application

Interested candidates can apply in respective schools and offices before the last date, Last date for submission of Application is 30th December 2022.

All District Education Authorities will announce their own advertisements for class 4 vacancies in their districts which will provide school wise and category wise vacant seat.

Read this advertisement in Urdu

According to the report, there are almost more than 14,000 vacancies which are vacant in all schools of the province Punjab. The Secretary School Education Department Punjab wrote a letter to all the CEOs of District Education Authorities to make the recruitment plan for class 4 jobs in Punjab on early basis.

click here for more jobs

Class 4 Jobs In Education Department Application Form

We have shared Class 4 Jobs in Education Department Application Form. You can download Application form for Class four jobs 2022 from this page. Click Here to download

Class 4 Jobs In Education Department Application Form
Class 4 Jobs In Education Department Application Form

No of Posts:

  • 6,206 seats across the Punjab

Age Limit:

  • Minimum 18 years
  • Maximum 40 years


  • Matric
  • Middle
  • Primary


  • Govt Employee Quota: 20%
  • Women quota: 15%
  • Minorities Quota: 5%
  • Disable Quota: 3%


You have to fill the application form (given below) and attached the attested copies of

  1. CNIC
  2. Academic Degrees
  3. Domicile
  4. Passport Size photographs (2)

Last Date to apply

30 December, 2022


Class 4 Jobs In Education Department 2022 advertisement

How to apply for Class 4 Jobs In Education Department 2022 advertisement


ptv sports biss key today 2022

PTV Sports Biss Key Today 2022

PTV Sports Biss Key 2022

PTV Sports Biss Key 2022 for ICC T20 World Cup 2022. You will get the latest PTV sports Biss Key 2022 updated which will definitely work on Dish Antenna during ICC Cricket World Cup 2022. All T20 World Cup Matches 2022 will be broadcast live at PTV Sports. PTV sports which is the Pakistan’s National Sport channel is aired on Satellite Pak Sat at 38.0 Degree East.

PTV Sports Frequency

  1. Satellite Name: Paksat
  2. Position: 38.0 Degree East
  3. Frequency (TP): 4004
  4. Polarity: V
  5. Symbol Rate: 15555 3/4
  6. PTV Sports BISS Key: ABCD 10FF 1113 65FF
  7. Dish Size: Minimum 4 Feet

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How to Add Biss Key on Dish Receiver?

This is old software for the old ALI3510C boxes and you have to understand the whole thing first to install it.

  • First you have to delete the old PTV frequency that you have in your receiver.
  • After that, you have to insert the frequency of PTV again and search it.
  • Now you first have to select PTV Sports HD.
  • Now press the green button from the remote control and go to STB Information and press 666 from the remote. This will enable the CCCam system and Biss Key options on your box.
  • Now exit the menu from remote control and press the green button again and insert the Biss key which is provided you and save it.

Cricketer Usman Shinwari died of a heart attack during a match in Lahore

How to Open PTV Sports

These days everybody is requesting that how to enter Biss Key Code into Satellite Beneficiary or how to open Ptv Sports as a major cerebral pain for everybody need to see t20 cricket matches. PTV Sports is perhaps of the most Famous and appealing Game divert in Pakistan which for the most part shows Cricket matches. PTV Sports has been showed Olympics and other large Games in everywhere. PTV Sports is being broadcasting from Paksat 1R @38East.

Watchers from Pakistan and Center easts can watch PTV Sports on their TVs yet the issue is that Ptv isn’t completely FTA and you have enter Biss Code which is a 16-Digit Code.


Govt School Timing Notification Punjab 2022

Govt School Timing Notification Punjab 2022

Govt School Timing Notification Punjab 2022

With the advent of winter, it has been decided to change the timings of all schools in all districts across Punjab province from October 15. Govt School Timing Notification Punjab 2022 will be issued soon by the department.

Mandi Bahauddin (MBDin News 11 October 2022) According to the details, with the arrival of winter season, it has been decided to change the timings of all schools across the Punjab province from October 15. It has been decided to change the working hours of schools across the province from October.

read this news in urdu

According to the Academic Calendar issued by the department, boys schools will open at 8:30 am and will be closed at 2 pm from Monday to Thursday and Saturday, on Friday boys schools will closed at 12 pm. Girls’ school will open 15 minutes before boys’ school and girls’ schools will be closed at 1:45 PM. Regular notification of changes in school timings will be issued soon in few days.

Govt. School Timings In Punjab 2022

Govt. School Timings in Punjab 2022 will be observed after 15 October, 2022 according to the given schedule.

Day Boys School Timing Girls School Timing
Open Timing Close Timing Open Timing Close Timing
Monday to Thursday and Saturday 8:30 AM 2:00 PM 8:15 AM 1:45 PM
Friday 8:30 AM 12:00 PM 8:15 AM 11:45 PM

Notification will be issued soon by the School Education Department Punjab in next coming days. This is the proposed timetable which was shared by SED Academic Calendar.

Who has blocked you on WhatsApp? Find out with these simple tricks

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

The world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp is used by everyone nowadays and people mostly use this app to communicate with each other. Whatsapp application was introduced in January, 2009 by Jan Koum in California. Now Whatsapp has more than 2 billion users worldwide

WhatsAap has an amazing feature. If you don’t any any unknow person/number, you can block him for messaging. Many people on WhatsApp block each other’s without knowing it, but with the help of these few simple tricks, you can find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp. No features are offered by Whatsapp Officially.

Read this article in urdu

Send message:

If you don’t get a double tick then it means that he didn’t receive your message and if you don’t get the double tick even after a few hours, it means he has blocked you.


You can check by calling the respective number at different times and if ‘Ringing’ is not appearing on the whatsapp screen, then it is possible that he has blocked you.

Jazz Internet Packages Code 2022

Create a WhatsApp group:

You create a WhatsApp group and add the respective contact number to that group, if that number has blocked you then you won’t be able to add it to the group.

Check out the last scene:

If you suspect that someone has blocked you, you will not see their last seen and online status on application.

Check Status and Profile Photo:

If you can’t see someone’s profile photo and status, it’s likely that they have blocked you, but keep in mind that WhatsApp also offers the option to hide profile photos and status from selected contacts.


These are some tricks on WhatsApp that how you can know that the person has blocked you. Hope you will like this. For more amazing tricks/trips keep following this page.

jazz internet packages

Jazz Internet Packages Code 2022

Are you looking for the best and fastest 4G network in Pakistan? You have come to the right place! Jazz is the answer. We’re here to help you find the best Internet deals in Pakistan. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has declared Mobilink Jazz to be the best and fastest 4G internet service provider in Pakistan, offering its users high-quality Jazz 3G/4G internet packages with amazing rates and at very low prices. No other network will compete with jazz for having Jazz Internet Packages (3G/4G) of outstanding quality, high speed, and best rates.

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages Code 2022

The Internet is used in all aspects of our lives, and you can find it in almost every place nowadays. Its packages are designed to meet customers’ needs at affordable prices. There are four major telecommunications companies that offer the best telecommunications services in Pakistan. Jazz gives its customers attractive deals like another telecom company does. It also provides some of the most exciting and affordable hourly packages, weekly packages, daily packages, monthly packages for its customers that can help them enjoy super-fast Internet services across different areas of the country.

To learn more about these weekly internet bundles, please scroll down and navigate to your favorite package. We have listed out all the weekly internet packages on this page.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages Code 2022

Jazz offer numbers of weekly packages for its valuable users like Jazz Weekly Internet Packages. Jazz has a wide range of weekly internet bundles like Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer, Jazz Work From Home, Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer (for different cities) Jazz Haftawar All Round package, Jazz Weekly Hybrid, Jazz Weekly Social Plus, Jazz Weekly Premium Package and many more.

For more Mobilink Jazz internet packages and information regarding best bundles, you need to scroll down and navigate to your favorite weekly internet bundle. We have listed out all the weekly internet packages on this page for our visitors.

Network Package Data Validity Prices
Jazz Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer 25000 MBs
7 Days Rs. 85
Jazz Jazz Free Music Bundle 350 MBs 7 Days Rs. 90
Jazz Jazz Work From Home Bundle 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 95
Jazz Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer 2000 MBs

(2 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 100
Jazz Jazz Weekly Youtube & Social 5000 MBs

(5 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 110
Jazz Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

7 Days Rs. 119
Jazz Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Package (Selected Cities Only) 1000 MBs

(1 GB)

7 Days Rs.120
Jazz Jazz Weekly Hybrid 1000 MBs

(1 GB)

7 Days Rs.126
Jazz Jazz Weekly Social Plus 8000 MBs

(8 GBs)

7 Days Rs.150
Jazz Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package 4000 MBs

(4 GBs)

7 Days Rs.169
Jazz Jazz Weekly All Network Package 3000 MBs

(3 GBs)

7 Days Rs.182
Jazz Jazz Weekly Mega 8000 MBs

(8 GBs)

7 Days Rs.220
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer 6000 MBs

(6 GBs)

7 Days Rs.228
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Plus 12000 MBs

(12 GBs)

7 Days Rs.269
Jazz Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer 15000 MBs

(15 GBs)

7 Days Rs.280
Jazz Jazz Weekly Super Max 30000 MBs

(30 GBs)

7 Days Rs.337

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly Code 2022

Since the launch of Jazz Super 4G technology in Pakistan, the company have tried to providing all the packages that meets their users requirements. Like daily, weekly packages, Mobilink Jazz and Warid has vast verity of Jazz Internet Packages monthly for 24 Hours for its valuable users to keep them headache free.

The company offers incredible monthly internet packages like Jazz Infinity Browser, Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer, Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Bundle, Jazz Monthly Social Package, Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer, Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle, Jazz Super Duper Card, Jazz Monthly Browser Package, Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer and the list is goes on.

If you want to know detail of all these packages, scroll down this page. We have collected all the monthly packages in a list for our visitors.

Network Package Name Free MBs Validity Price
Jazz Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer 5000 MBs

(5 GBs)

30 Days Rs.50
Jazz Jazz Infinity Browser 2000 MBs

(2 GBs)

30 Days Rs.89
Jazz Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer 4000 MBs

(4 GBs)

30 Days Rs.120
Jazz Jazz Monthly SMS Bundle 7000 MBs

(7 GBs)

30 Days Rs.123
Jazz Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle 7000 MBs

(7 GBs)

30 Days Rs.123
Jazz Jazz Monthly Social 7000 MBs

(7 GBs)

30 Days Rs.123
Jazz Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

30 Days Rs.150
Jazz Jazz Monthly Browser Package 6000 MBs

(6 GBs)

30 Days Rs.230
Jazz Jazz Free Music Monthly Package 1500 MBs

(1.5 GBs)

30 Days Rs.330
Jazz Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer 12000 MBs

(12 GBs)

30 Days Rs.373
Jazz Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer 10000 MBs

(10 GBs)

30 Days Rs.454
Jazz Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle 4000 MBs

(4 GBs)

30 Days Rs.545
Jazz Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer 22000 MBs

(22 GBs)

30 Days Rs.546
Jazz Jazz Super Duper Card 2000 MBs

(2 GBs)

30 Days Rs.600
Jazz Jazz Monthly Premium Package 25000 MBs

(25 GBs)

30 Days Rs.650
Jazz Jazz Monthly Super Duper 8000 MBs

(8 GBs)

30 Days Rs.655
Jazz Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer 17000 MBs

(17 GBs)

30 Days Rs.870
Jazz Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only 25000 MBs

(25 GBs)

30 Days Rs.1050
Jazz Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer 50000 MBs

(50 GBs)

30 Days Rs.1050
Jazz Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only 60000 MBs

(60 GBs)

30 Days Rs.1850
Jazz Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only 150000 MBs

(150 GBs)

30 Days Rs.2600

Jazz Others Internet Packages

Jazz has offered dozens of internet daily, weekly and monthly packages. But here are some special packages that will definitely meets the users requirements.

There are lot of jazz internet, social, calling, sms packages for its users like Jazz Sim Lagao Offer, Jazz Super Advance Offer, Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer, Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer, 6 Months Bundle and many others.

We have collected all the internet packages in the list below.

Network Package Name Free MBs Free On-Net Mins Free Off-Net Mins Free SMS Validity Price
Jazz Jazz Sim Lagao Offer 6000 3000 3000 Rs.0.01
Jazz Jazz Super Advance Offer Rs.4.60
Jazz Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer 3000 3 Days Rs.30
Jazz Jazz 3 Day Max Offer 1000 100 3 Days Rs.35
Jazz Jazz Give A Bundle 1000 100 3 Days Rs.35
Jazz Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer 2500 2500 25 2500 Rs.75
Jazz 6 Months Bundle – Device Only 100000 6 Months Rs.12500

Jazz has continued to provide quality services to its users. As jazz has 3G, 4G, and LTE services to its customers to meet their expectation.

For latest and more packages, go to the Jazz Official Website.

9th Class Result 2022 BISE Gujranwala Board

9th Class Result 2022 Gujranwala Board

Waiting hours are over, 9th class Result 2022 Gujranwala Board for Annual Exam Result 2022 has been declared today Monday 19 September 2022 at 10 am. As per the latest updates, Bise Gujranwala Board declared the results of 9th class exams.

The board announced the provisional date sheet on March 28, 2022. Students who are waiting and waiting for 9th Class Result 2022 Gujranwala Board are notified. That the result will be announced on 19th September 2022 as per board schedule.

9th Class Result 2022 Gujranwala Gazette

We have collected 9th class result 2022 Gujranwala Gazette for our valuable students. You can now download 9th class gazette of Gujranwala board 2022 on one click.

Click here to download

if the above link is not working, click here for another link.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Gujranwala is the major board of Punjab province and many other districts are affiliated with Gujranwala board including Sialkot, Mandi Bahauddin, Daska, Wazirabad etc. A large number of students are affiliated with BISE Gujranwala and all the students have submitted the forms for the 9th class exams.


After the completion of the board exam now the result is almost complete for the students. We have arranged Gujranwala Board Full Result 2022 here and students can enter roll number below. Students can now get complete Gujranwala Board 9th Result 2022 Roll No without any error.

Gujranwala board position holders 2022

Students of Gujranwala Board Position holders 2022 are given below. We congratulate all the position holder students and best wishes for their future. Pakistan Zindabaad

Name Roll Number Class Marks
ALISHA 354397 9th 543
IQRA TARIQ 355317 9th 543
LAIBA IMTIAZ 342189 9th 543
MAHAK 342230 9th 543
SANA FAIZ 351266 9th 542



qadirabad barrage

Water Level in Rasul Barrage today 01-09-2022

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin is a barrage on the River Jehlum between Jhelum District and Mandi Bahauddin District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated 72 km downstream of Mangla Dam. wikipedia

Water Level at Rasul Barrage

Today water level at Rasul Barrage MBDIN is given below.

Data of Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Date 01-09_2022
Time 12:00 pm

  • U S gauge = 719.0
  • Discharge = 3455 cs
  • D S gauge = 691.5
  • Discharge = Nil
  • RQLINK Gauge = 704.7
  • Discharge = Nil
  • LJC gauge = 711.1
  • Discharge = 3455 cs

Head Rasul water level on 31-08-2022

Head Rasul water level on 30-08-2022

Head Rasul water level on 29-08-2022

We request you all not to listen to false rumours. There is no danger of flooding in the Jhelum river yet. All people, please pray for Allah Almighty to protect you. By the way, the people living on the banks of the Jhelum river must take precautionary measures. There is also a new order from the government of Pakistan to follow it. I am present for information about water in Jhelum river. (Mahar Adnan Naveed 01.09.2022)

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Rasul Barrage showing main barrage and offtake canals Data provided for this study (IRSA 2015) include? the crest level of the under-sluice bays is 212.9 m (698.5 ft) above mean sea level;? the crest level of the main weir is 214.3 m (703 ft) above mean sea level; ? the upstream floor level is 211.8 m (695 ft) above mean sea level; ? no storage capacity information was available for this study, however a volume of approximately 51 km 3 at operational water level has been inferred from aerial photography; ? there are 42 standard bays on the main weir 18.288 m (60 ft) across; ? there are 6 under-sluice bays, 18.288 m (60 ft) across; ?

The maximum design discharge for the barrage is 24069 m 3 /s (850,000 ft 3 /s) at 218.2 m (716 ft) above mean sea level; and ? historic water level time series for Rasul (2001-2013) indicates that barrage levels are maintained at approximately 219.151m (719 ft) for most of the year, except for an annual cleaning period in early January. Water level time series and an average weekly pattern derived from this dataset are shown in Figure 29. The 10 daily pattern is used in the IRSM as the operational water level target for the barrage.