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tehsil Mandi Bahauddin

Economy of Mandi Bahauddin

Shahtaj Sugar Mills is located about 2 km west of the city. It stretches on an area of more than 20 acres (0.081 km) and has its sub-offices in Lahore and Karachi. Shahtaj Sugar Mills is one of the largest sugar plants in the country. The other major private sector factory in Mandi Bahauddin is Colony Sugar Mills (Formerly Phalia Sugar Mills), situated

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Location of Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin city is situated some 50 km from the M2 – Motorway of Pakistan. The city enjoys all four seasons although the climate is very hot in summer and cold in winter. During the months of June and July, the day temperature mounts up to 45 degree Celsius. The winter months are, however, relatively pleasant and the temperature rarely falls below 5

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About Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin abbreviated as M.B.DIN is the capital of Mandi Bahauddin District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The town is some 220 metres above the sea level and is situated in upper Punjab, between the rivers Jhelum (north 12 km) and Chenab (south 39 km). Mandi Bahauddin city is situated some 50 km from the M2 – Motorway of Pakistan. The city enjoys

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History of Mandi Bahauddin

In 1506 C.E. Chief Bahauddin, Sufi Sahib, established a settlement namely Pindi Bahauddin in the north-eastern corner of the region known as "Gondal Bar", after his immigration from Pindi Shah Jahanian to this area. The settlement soon became a center of intense commercial activity, hence named afterwards by the merchants as "Mandi Bahauddin", the Market of

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Bara Dari Mandi Bahauddin

سردار گور مکھ سنگھ لامبہ جو سکھ فوج کا جرنیل تھا فوجی خدمت کے بدلے منڈی بہاوالدین کے علاقہ لالا پنڈی کوٹ ستار چک بساوا اور موجودہ بارہ دری کی جاگیر الاٹ ھوئی۔سردار گور مکھ سنگھ کے ایک بیٹے کا نام گیان سنگھ تھا۔ جس نے اس جگہ بارہ دری کے نام سے ایک خوبصورت عمارت بنوائی جو یہ گاوں بارہ دری نام سے مشہور ھوا۔گیان سنگھ کے دو بیٹے تھا سردار تارا سنگھ اور سردار ہری

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Ramadan Calendar Mandi Bahauddin 2020

Calculation Method : Islamic University, Karachi   Mandi Bahauddin Ramadan 2020 Sehr o Iftar Timings - Ramadan in Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan, Year 2020 If you are fasting this year in Mandi Bahauddin and want to remain always on point while starting and breaking your fast, Mandi Bahauddin's sehar o iftar timings are there for the quench of your accuracy.

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