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Tehsil Malakwal district Mandi bahauddin

Bosal | Busal بوسال

Village Bosal بوسال Welcome to Busal, the Gemstone of Distt. M.B. Din Police Chowki Busal- established in 1935 Busal [also written as Bosaal :ﻝﺎﺴﻭﺑ]is one of the most prominent and populous villages in Mandi Baha-ud-din district. Exquisite mosques constructed with religious fervor, modern style and traditionally built homes, tumultuous

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Bukkan بکن

Bukkan بکن Bukkan village is in tehsil Malakwal, distt Mandi bahauddin. It is situated at M.B.Din–Sargodha road. It is 25km from mbdin in south-west and round about 23 km  from malakwal in south east. Its a big town. The union council of bukkan is goharr. First distt. Nazim Nazar Muhammad Gondal and Maj. Rtd. Zulfiqar Ali Gondal sitting MNA they are also

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Bhallowal بھلووال

Bhallowal                  Info. by M. Yousaf Shahid M.A. (Punjabi) Bhalowal is a very famous village of Tehsil Malakwal.Its just 10 km south of Malakwal city.and 35 km west of Mandi Bahauddin.Village Rukkan is just 5 km away from village Bhallowal.and Village Miani is 15 km from this village. Village Rukkan is in East,Chot dheeran is in north westDaffar

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BadShahPur بادشاہ پور

BadShahPur                       بادشاہ پور BadShahPur is a village in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 24 km from Mandi Bahauddin towards West and 4 km  from Malakwal towards East. River Jehlum is not more away than 1 Km in the north from the village and area of the village starts from the bank of river Jehlum. It is a big Village with 

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Chak No. 32 (Nathu-Kot)

Chak No. 32(Nathu-Kot)    Info. by Faiz Ahmed Location Nathoo kot is village of tehsil malakwal.distt mandi has distance of 22 km from mandi bahauddin in west and 12 km from malakwal in south east. from gojra its distance is 3 km and  village khai is just 2 km from nathoo kot in east. History When flood came in gujrat then people from distt

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