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Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin

Dolowal ڈلووال

Dolowal ڈلووال Information provided by: Muhammad zulafqar  03466476057 History: The name of village is Dolowal. In 1753'a lady name Bhikhi bought this area all including current area of Bhikhi Sharif, Kakowal and Anowal, Dolowal etc. The lady named Bhikhi had daughters naming Dallo, Kakowal and Anno, current area of Dolowal

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Ahla آہلہ

          AHLA آہلہ Info provided by: Asad Akram E-Mail Address: Contact No. 03034787203                           Picture Gallery Of Ahla Locations Village Ahla is located in District Mandi Bahauddin.It's 15 K.M far from city MandiBhauddin. Neighbouring Villages Neighbouring villages of Ahla are Bagga, Majhi, Bagga Pump,

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..Rizwan Naseer Gondal Locations: Village Aidal is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from District Mandi Bahauddin upto 25 KM. In

east side village Goar Shrief , west side is Bhacher, north side is Natho Kote & side is Chak No. 14. Area of

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Bir Pindi Jharana

Bir Pindi Jharana Locations Village Bir Pindi Jharana is located north west of mandi bahauddin. Geographical Position The village is divided into different dera’s i.e dera bahadur ka etc. It is situated near to the mandi to malkwal road. Area of the Village Total area of the village is about 15squares that is about 500 acres. Neighbouring Villages

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Chak No.3

CHAK 3 It is about fifteen km away from city mandi bahaudin. It is situated back side of Sohawa Bolani on Chimoon-Sahna road.

It is part of Sohawa union council no 19. It have a canal for irrigate to its lands. But the the former of chak 3 is really intersted to bow boombo in thier fields. Majority of young genration is living abroad in

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Chak No. 51 (M.B.Din)

CHAK SHER MUHAMMAD The total area of land :55 to 60 murabas (25/akers)

approximately and total population; more than five thousands approximately and postcode of the village is 50331. Earnig ways

are agriculture and many people live abroad like france, America, Italy, spain

and Middle east states.Name of the village is

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