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Dhala Shareef دھالہ شریف

Dhala Shareef دھالہ شریف Information provided by: Shabbir Ahmad S/O Nazir Ahmad Tarar 00966597972983 About Village: Village Dhala Shareef is in Union Council of Dhunni Kahan, Thana Qadirabad, Tehsil Phalia, District Mandi Bahauddin. Famous Personalities of the Village: Ghulam Rasool S/O Ali Muhammad Gondal Khizar Hayat S/O Ghulam Muhammad

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Ranmal Sharif رنمل شریف

RANMAL SHARIF رنمل شریف Info provided by: WAQAR MEHDI TARAR ADVOCATEE-Mail Address: WMEHDI633@gmail.comContact No. 03056047748   Locations جگہ  : Village Ranmal Sharif is located in Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahauddin. It is 45 K.M far from city Mandibhaudin. Neighboring Villages قریب کے علاقے : Neighboring villages of Ranmal Sharif are North Kalu

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Information provided by Imran Nazeer ,,, LOCATION OF THE VILLAGE______________________________________ khaire wall ranjha is situated in tehsil phalia distic m b din 18 km away from phalia city and almost 30 km away from city mb din. HISTORY ____________________________________________________ it is said that this is the name of person was

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Dhaul Ranjha دھول رانجھا

INFORMATION BY,,,,,SAQLAIN RANJHA LOCATION_____________ Dhoul Bala is a famous village of District Mandi-Bahauddin.In its east is Ladher Kalan, in West is Madhrey Rattowal, in North is Mangat and its southside is one small canal and Kailu , Phalia. POPULATION _____ Population of our village is round about 7000 persons. Means Of Earning:

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Chak Alam چک علم

Chak Alam چک علم عظمت الله گونڈل 00923441118090  چک عالم اک چهوٹا سا گاؤں هے سال 2016 میں اس کی کل ابادی 1400 هے گاؤں کی مشہور اور ی تعليم يافتہ شخصيات: حاجی باطی خاں گوندل حاجی عارف مشتاق گوندل اکبر نزیر گوندل ڈاکٹر سعی محمد گوندل ﺫولفقار سلطان گوندل گاوں کی اہم ذاتیں،گاوں کی اہم فصلیں یا کوئی اور اہم چیز: گاؤں چک عالم

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Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز

Info by Mr. Sajjad Hassan,: Village Chak shahbaz a village a Hub link among many villages. Located on Bherowal Phalia Road. Having fast transport facility. Wide range of shops, Govt, schools, Petrol Pump, , Ice Milk Factory,and so many other facilities of life. Its is connected to many villages. The people of near by villages used to come here to purchase

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Adda Pahrianwali

Adda Pahrianwali اڈا پاہڑیانوالی

Village Name: Adda Pahrianwali Info Provided by: Khawar Ayyaz E-Mail Address: Contact No. 00923333006535                   00971559895375 A Brief Introduction: Adda Pahrianwali  is divided into  main branches (MAndi Road , Gujrat Road , Dinga Road , Jokalian Road ). It is situated about 32 Km from Gujrat and 48 Km From M B Din on

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