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Chaarpai چارپائی

Chaarpai  چارپائی

Charpai/manji is an ancient furniture style still used extensively today charpoy is very light bed a single man can carry. The Charpoy is very versatile and functional piece of furniture we have taken this simple design to make many different pieces of furniture thus we have several sizes which include beds benches and footstools.

“Char Paya” in Persian meanings four footed bed stead of woven webbing or hemp stretched on a wooden frame on four legs common in this subcontinent of Indo-Pak the bed used in Pakistan India consisting of a frame strung with tapes or light rope. Charpoy is an important part of the lives of the Pakistani people it used as bed at night and for guest offered charpoy to sit and relax.

A manji is a traditional hand woven bed used all over Pakistan specially the villages of Pakistan it consists of a wooden frame bordering a set of knotted ropes. Charpoy is traditionally made of wood and its feet or (poy) are beautifully carved or decorated with lacquer or paints. It’s knitted with date palm leaves or a rope made of jute. Now a day’s charpoy also made of Iron pipe and knitted with colorful plastic rope.

Charpoy is multi uses furniture it used not only at home but at commercial basis on long route the village hotels used charpoy and serves food on it the traveler takes rest at mid journey the truck driver spend their night on these charpoy at road side hotels and restaurants. Char payee means four footed bed in saraiki and Punjabi it called manjaa or manjee and in Sind it called khatt khaatt or khattra or khatya traditionally user would lie directly on top of the ropes without an intervening mattress. It’s making begins with the tying of a life knot at one corner of the bed. In dera ghazi khan the big charpai is also called ahamacha this city has the world’s largest charpai


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