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Chak Abdulla

Chak Abdulla    Info. by Mazhar Abbas Tarar Switzerland

Chak Abdulla is situated South-West of City Phalia.Its founder is grandfather of Mazhar Abbas Tarar and his name is Shah Muhammad Tarar. Its old name was Tun Pur. People are very nice and village situated between Jago kalan and Kala Shadian. In South of it is river Chenab. The population of my village is about 1000 people. Many people are living abroad to earn money and support their familes in their village.

Social Personalities of the Village

  • Muhammad Bakhish Tarar
  • Naveed Tarar Advocate

Highly Educated Personalities

  • Naveed Tarar Advocate
  • Muhammad Afzal M.Sc. Agriculture University Faisalabad
  • Azmat Tarar B.A (Hon) F.C College Lahore

Main Crops

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane

Nearest Villages

  • Jago kalan
  • Kala Shadian

Main castes

  • Tarar


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