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Chak Jano چک جانو

chak jano village

Chak Jano چک جانو

Location of village:

Chak Jano چک جانو is divided into three branches, Chak Jano Kalan, Chak Jano Khurd and Nai Abadi. The combined population of Chak Jano is 15,000. It is about 34 km’s South East of Mandi Bahauddin on Gujrat Sargodha Road. This village is under Tehsil Phalia. The nearest Police Station is Pharianwali Police Station, which is 3 km on the east.

History of Village:

The village is one of the oldest villages in its area. It was founded by Baba Janu estimated around 500 years ago. There is a mazar within the old cemetery.  It is known that his cast was Warraich. Today the majority cast is Warraich.

Chak Jano Union Counsel # 38:

  • Nazim: Asif Mahmood Chader
  • Naib Nazim: Bashir Ahmad Tarar

Nearest Villages:

  1. Chak Jano
  2. Chak Mano
  3. Basi Kalan
  4. Chani Mast
  5. Senthal
  6. Multaniawala
  7. Sheikh Ali Pur
  8. Kot Ghulam Rasul

Social Personalities:

  • Ch. Rashid Ahmad Warraich (MD,  Warraich Flour Mills)
  • Ch. Bashir Ahmad Warraich (CEO, Warraich Flour Mills)
  • Ch. Kaifi Ayub (U/C President, PML Q)
  • Khalid Mehmood Butt (U/C Counsellor)

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  1. Ch. Javaid Iqbal Warraich, MMA, Advocate, (England)
  2. Ch. Humayun Rashid Warraich, Bachelor of Business Administration(Canada)
  3. Ch. Shamraiz Bashir Warraich (Italy)

chak jano village

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas:

  • Government Middle School for Girls
  • Government Middle School for Boys
  • Government Primary School for Boys
  • Government Primary School for Girls
  • Chistia Ghousia Madrassa
  • Jamia Masjid (3,000 Capacity, double story)
  • Al-Farabi Model School (Private)

Hospitals, Medical Stores and Shops:

  • Muslim Medical Store
  • Bismillah Medical Store
  • Government Utility Store
  • Arayin Merchant & General Store
  • Malik General Store


  1. Warraich Flour & General Mills
  2. Ijaz Bricks Company
  3. Al-Rehmat Rice Mills
  4. Gondal Cold Storage
  5. Government Food Storage

Source Of Income:

About 40% of the population is farmer, 40% is labor, 15% is overseas, and other 5% is commercial and industrial. There are a lot of people who work in government sector, like Teachers, Police Officers, and Army.

Main castes

  • Warraich
  • Butt
  • Mirza

Main Crops

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane


  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volley Ball
  • Kabaddi
  • Badminton

Important Phone Numbers (Distt Code 0546)

  • U/C Office: 531228
  • PTCL Exchange: 531000
  • Warraich Flour Mills: 531707, 430217
  • Police Station (Pharianwali): 592032

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)


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