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Chak No.2 Shamali


Chak No.2 Shamali

Info on the village and brief history

The village was built by the Sikhs during the British raj in 1933. Before the partition it was named Chak No 2 Sikha dah. It was first inhabited by the Sikhs and all the land belonged to the Sikhs pre partition. The village itself is small but the land it owns is huge.


Chak No. 2 North (Shumali) is situated 2km east of Mandi Bahauddin Central. There is also a Chak No. 2 south which is situated across the river.
The population of the village is approx 2,000. The village itself is alongside a very huge canal. There are 3 canals that run alongside Chak 2 North.

The People of Chak No. 2

The people of the village are mostly farmers and labor workers. The canals are of a huge benefit for the farmers as they supply a huge amount of water to these crops. The people mainly belong to the Gujjar tribe caste.Crops that mostly grow there are: Wheat, Sugar Cane (majority) & rice.This is the villages main income reason being that the majority of men are farmers.

Shops & Mosques

There are a number of shops there including 3 convenience stores Nikku’s being the most largest 2 diesel shops Mohammed-Din Faujis being the larger one, 2 masjid’s (mosque’s) one being a newly built one which was kindly funded by the village inhabitants and the other being a older one but this one is used more but is smaller.

Education, Schools and Hospital

There are two boys Government funded schools one being in the out dated Gurdwara (as the village was first inhabited by the Sikh’s) and the other being on the entrance of the village. There is also a hospital called Riaz-ul-Janat and is funded and was built by Tayyub Munir (Currently resides in Norway Europe) s/o Ch. Munir Ahmed Battiya. This Hospital will be a vital for the village as there are going to be shops being built near it such as clothes and shoe shops and there are no reliable doctors around. Chak 2 also has its very own cemetery near the 2nd canal the village resides on.

Sports In Chak No.2

The sports mainly played in Chak 2 are Volleyball and Football in the summer and Cricket and Hockey in the winter which are all played in the school grounds or the football pitch behind the 1st canal (which is the largest). Mr. Shahid Rasheed Batiyya is very active in promoting sports in our village and he was profesional player and also played in UK. Chak 2 has one of the finest football teams in the Mandi Bahauddin district which is called Haidra Football Club whose manager is Shaukat Ali s/o Ch. Niaz Din. Present famous Volleyball player of our village is Hassan Iftikar. There is also a dog fighting and bull baiting event held annualy in Chak 2 football pitch in which 100+ dogs (Bully Kutta) fight.

Culture of the Village

One of the famous sitting that took place in my village called Chopaal is taking place since old times. It take place under a big and very old Bohr Tree. The  prominent names that always took part in that Chopaal are:
Ch. abdul aziz (late), Ch Nazir Ahmed, Rasheed Hussain, Mohammed Hussain ch(uk), Ch Ghaffur, Ch. Bashir , Ch.  M. Ashraf and some other young people.

Politics: Nazim of Chak No. 2

The Nazim of the Village is Ch. Shaqeel Ijaz s/o Ch. Ijaz Ahmed. Who is the member of the Peoples Party.

Main Crops              گاؤں کی اہم فصليں

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Bajra
  • Makei

Nearest Villages      گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

Main Castes                          گاؤں کی اہم ذاتيں

  • Gujjar

Social Personalities of the Village  گاؤں کی فلاعی شخصيات

  • Tayyub Munir
  • Late Muhammad Ismail Shaheed

·         Sufi Mohammed Sadiq – who teached people who coudnt afford for there children to read the quran and schooling he provided it with free school tution and madrassah classes for people who were less fortunate

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Col. Riaz Ahmed Chaudary
  • Ghulam Mustafa Head Master M.B. High School M.B.Din
  • Retd. deputy director of agriculture dept. M. Hussain Chaudary
  • Retd. DSP Ch. Sultan Ahmed
  • Dr. Shafique Ahmed Chaudary Registrar Distt. Hospital M.B.din
  • چوہدری محمد سرور ذیلدار
    چوہدری محمد حسین(ڈپٹی ڈائریکٹر)
    کرنل ریاض احمد چوہدری
    چوہدری اعجاز احمد(سابقہ مبمر ضلع کونسل گجرات)
    میجر عاطف ریاض چوہدری
    چوہدری شفع عالم زیلدار (انسپکٹر پنجاب پولیس)
    چوہدری محمد صدیق نمبر دار
    چوہدری سلطان علی ڈھینڈہ(ڈی. ایس. پی) پنجاب پولیس
    چوہدری جلال دین(ضلعدار)
    چوہدری ارشد جلال(ایس. ڈی. او.)واپڈا
    چوہدری اسلم جلال(ایس. ڈی. او) محکمہ انہار
    چوہدری سردار خاں ڈھینڈہ (پٹواری محکمہ مال)
    چوہدری فاروق صدیق زیلدار (انسپکٹر پنجاب پولیس)
    صوبیدار چوہدری دین محمد
    چوہدری رؤف صدیق زیلدار (ناظم یونین کونسل واسو)
  • چوہدری شکیل اعجاز(سابقہ ناظم یونین کونسل واسو) (چیئرمین یونین کونسل چک بساوا)

Industry in my Village

The main poltery farm  which is MURAD POLTERY AND DAIRY FARMS…owned by NAVEED HUSSAIN BATIYYA

Parks and Canals  گاؤں کے قريبی پارک آور نھريں

This village is sorrounded with 4 big canals , 3 in south and one east of the village called RQ-Link. There are also some small canals all around the village. Also a lot of natural scenary around the village.


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