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Chak No. 3 چک نمبر

Chak No 3 mandi bahauddin

Chak No. 3 چک نمبر


Chak No. 3 چک نمبر is about fifteen km away from city mandi bahaudin. It is situated back side of Sohawa Bolani on Chimoon-Sahna road. It is part of Sohawa union council no 19. It have a canal for irrigate to its lands. But the the former of chak 3 is really interested to bow boombo in their fields. Majority of young generation is living abroad in USA, CANADA, UK, and Europe. There is one mosque  in village. t is small village about 300 houses. It is south from Bagga pind, west from Sohawa, east from cheemon and north from Bhiki sharif.

Major Casts:

Major casts are

  1. Warraich (Majority)
  2. Cheema
  3. Gujjar
  4. Sohi
  5. Dudhra
  6. Mahar
  7. Janjua
  8. Bhatti
  9. Malik (khokhar) (awan)
  10. Mughal
  11. Muslim Sheikh

Founder of village:

Founder of chak 3 is Ch. Bholaay Khan Sohii (Numberdar)

Chak No 3 mandi bahauddin

Social Personalities:

  • Ch. Bholay Khan.
  • Ch. Gaous Muhammad Warraich
  • Ch. Karim Elahi Gujjar
  • Ch. Muhammad Akhtar Warraich
  • Ch. Zafar Iqbal Sohi (namber dar)
  • Ch. Zia Ullah Cheema
  • Mian Javid Iqbal Gujjar (international horse rider)
  • Mian Muhammad Akram Gujjar
  • Ch. Sohail Akhtar Warraich (senior Naib Sadar PMLn mbdin)
  • Ch. Muhammad Hussian Warraich
  • Ch. Rizwan Ahmed Sohi
  • Ch. Tanveer Ahmed Warraich
  • Ch. Sajjad Ullah Cheema (X-nazim UC 19)
  • Mian Amjad Akram Gujjar
  • Ch. Saqib Zaheer Warraich (sadar MSF mbdin)

Educated Personalities:

  • Sajjad Ahmed Gujjar (DG FIA)
  • Zaheer Ahmed Warraich (SDO irrigation Mangla)
  • Irshaad Ullah Cheema (SDO)
  • Maj. Saeed Ahmed Mahar
  • Capt. Zahid Mahmood Warraich
  • Iftikhar Ahmed Cheema (ZTBL)
  • Ch. Shahzad Akhtar Warraich (advocate)
  • Ch. Imtal Rehman Sohi (advocate)


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