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Chak No. 32 (Nathu-Kot)

Chak No. 32(Nathu-Kot)

   Info. by Faiz Ahmed


Nathoo kot is village of tehsil malakwal.distt mandi has distance of 22 km from mandi bahauddin in west and 12 km from malakwal in south east. from gojra its distance is 3 km and  village khai is just 2 km from nathoo kot in east.


When flood came in gujrat then people from distt gujrat migrated to the sorrounding area.then people of village nathoo kot were migrated to chakk number 32 in 1905, later on its name was called chakk # 32 nathoo kot.govt aloted  earth in revenge .


Area of the village is 12.5 murabbas


Population is round about 1000 persons

Source of income

Agricultural,govt services,abroad living persons are very big way of earning the money.

Neighbouring villages

Chak No. 42——————————-> east
Chak No. 16——————————->west
Aidal—————————————-> north
Bukkan————————————–> south

Social persons

Sufi Faiz Ahmed
Akbar Ali
Amir Shahzad

Highly qualified persons

Muzamal khokhar                       ZTBL                                                         03338011100

Qamer shahzad                           ZTBL                                                         03215251032

Khuram shahzad                         Punjab police                                             03466488816

Mudasser iqbal khokhar            Q.S  TTC Construction company               03466467685

·                   Muhammad akram advocate.LLB
·                   Khalid pervez BA
·                   Akhtar ASI
·                   Muhammad Hayyat ASI railway
·                   Muhammad Bakhash petroling police
·                   Saif ullah police
·                   Mukhtar ahmed
·                   Muhammad shan habib bank
·                   Altaf hussain.national bank
·                   Abdul majeed jail police
·                   Muhammad asif .air force
·                   Faisal shahzad police
·                   Ghulam abbas police
·                   Muhammad afzal
·                   Imran cheema
·                   Muhammad riyaz
·                   Muhammad Tahir
·                   Khawar shahzad
·                   Shahzad ahmed
·                   Muhammad Ahsan s/o Muhammad hayyat

Education sector

·                   Govt primary school
·                   Ghazali model school (private)


·                   Baba beri wala
·                   Baba faqeer shah


Jamia masjid sabri


There are three canal in the east of village,These canal were created in 1914.

  • Bhachar canal
  • Kakowal canal
  • Head khokhar canal


Gondal  80 %
Others  20 %


Sugar cane, Wheat, Rice


Volly ball



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