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Chak No.37 (taratibi)

Chak No.37 (taratibi) teh & distt. M.B.Din

info provided by Ch. M.Adeel Anjum Arain
Mobile: 03217751895


The village is under the union coucil Jhulana no.19 situated near district complex Mandi Bahauddin at Murala Road.
Population : 1000 almost.


  •  There is govt primary school for girls 
  • Govt. Middle school dera chatha for boys.

In Chak. no. 37 there are mainly two castes

  • Arains
  • Gujjars

All are migrated. Arains from India (Ambala division) at the time of partition of india in 1947 and gujjars are migrated from other parts of Pakistan, some gujjars came from Jammu Kashmir.
The Arains آرائیں‎ are chiefly associated with farming, & peasant-proprietors & quot, and some being Zamindars.


گاؤں کی مشہور اور ی تعليم يافتہ شخصيات

1. Ch. Mehmood Ahmed Arain (Secretary U/C.)
2. M.Adeel anjum S/O Ch. Mehmood Ahmed Arain M.A, L.L.B (UOS, Punjab University Law College)
3. Ghulam rasool gujjar lumberdar
4. Abdul Hameed Arain s/o liaqat Ali Ex-lumberdar
5. Ghulam abbas gujjar
6. Hassan Muhammad Arain rt. army hawaldar.
7. M.waqas Khalid Arain Chemical Engineer doing job in kohat sement company ltd.
8. Amjad Ali Arain. (italy)
9. Tariq Mehmood S/O Ch. Mehmood Ahmed Arain  automobile engineer settled in denmark
10. Master tariq Mehmood s/o ghulam rasool M.A islamic studies
11. Hafiz Naveed anjum DEGREE OF ‘AALIMIYYA from jamia ashrafia lahore

گاوں کی اہم ذاتیں

  • Arains
  • gujjars
  • jutt muhajir


گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

 Jhulana, 2 Chak, Wasu, Ahdi, Chak Basawa…

اپنے گاوں کے مسائل اور ضروریات لیکھیں

1. danda nala needed.
2. play ground and park.
3. kuch dera jaat k liye light or pakky soling ki zarurat hai.


  • After Ch Amjad Ali (Italy) should be
    Sadiq Nadeem son of Amjad Ali (Mechanical Engineer) in UK
    M. Saleem son of Amjad Ali (Electric Engineer)
    M. taslem son of Amjad Ali (Mechanical Engineer work all over the world)
    Naeem Amjad son of Amjad Ali (Computer specialist)
    Umar Sadiq son of Sadiq Nadeem (computer specialist) in UK

  • 2. M.Adeel anjum S/O Ch. Mehmood Ahmed Arain M.A, L.L.B (UOS, Punjab University Law College)

    L.L.B and now a taxi driver and other people who are engineer they are not in the list open your eyes
    I think he is not even M.A pass I this thislist should be tracked down and officers should go and make a query and upload the list by there way

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