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Chak No. 42 چک نمبر ۴۲

Chak No. 42 (Bhaggal)       Info. provided by Asghar Ali


Village Bhaggal is in Tehsil Malakwal .It is 22 Km in the east of mbdin.and 13 km away from  Malakwal in the east.khai is 1 km in the west of bhaggal and Gojra is 4 km from here.


In 1905 people migrated to this chakk from gujrat due to flood reasons .Those peple were from village Bhaggal (gujrat).


Area of the bhaggal is 12.5 murabbas


Pouplation of the village is round about 1200 heads

Source of incom

Source of income of people of the village is agricultural areas and Govt services,abroad livings

Neighbopuring Villages

Nathoo kot——————>west
Tibba bhaggal————-> north
Bukkan ——————–>south


History of the village is related way beyond to the Hazrat NOOH alaihissalam era
Qalmi shora is created from here.Grave yard of village Bhaggal is also here.population of tibbas is rund about 400 persons,Natt familly is in a big number here.

Social workers of the village

·                     Ali asghar
·                     Muhammad arshad
·                     Muhammad Akram cheema
·                     Muhammad shareef araain
·                     Ghulam Hussain
·                     Haji Akram

Highly Qualified persons

·                     Ali Asghar lahori
·                     Muhammad aslam
·                     Mureed Hussain
·                     Khadim Hussain advocate
·                     Saeed Ahmed Wapda
·                     Ghulam Abbas petroling police
·                     Muhammad Shafeee rangers
·                     Zafar Iqbal

Education sector

·                     Govt primary school for boys
·                     Govt girls primary school
·                     Al-Hasan public model school(private)
·                     Iqra  Model school

Medical sector

·                     shahzeb medical clinic
·                     Dr.Jahangeer


jamia masjid markazi


·            Bhatti         70 %·              Arain         10 %·               Dharrar       10 %                     Mughal       10 %


·                     Mian Muhammad Qazi
·                     Baba Umar shah Tibba


Three canals in the west of village
·                     Bhachar canal
·                     kakowal canal
·                     head khokhar branch


wheat,rice,sugar cane



Union council office

Office of the unionj council Ghaurr is here in village bhaggal.
Ptcl exchange is here too

Comunication sector


Nature of People

Hospitable,political workers,loving ,caring .
village bhaggal is also very famous for tonguas .which are run by dharrar familly.

Industrial area

In the village there are two araas of wood .which are very famous for creating very beautiful furnitures.


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