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The total area of land :55 to 60 murabas (25/akers)  approximately and total population; more than five thousands approximately and postcode of the village is 50331. Earnig ways  are agriculture and many people live abroad like france, America, Italy, spain  and Middle east states.
Name of the village is based on a sufi sher Muhammad. Our village is 2 ½  KM near at chailianwala station. Our village is very important  place between Gujrat and M.B.Din because village is a bondrywall between two districts Gujrat and Mandi-Bahauddin). The major casts are :Gujjar (Miana’s families), Gujjar (Gorsi families), Mahar  malik but Mughal Bhatti. My village is situated between the following villages
East :dinga and sivia sharif
West:chailianwala station
North :kot islam and trawnialwala
South:open land of our village
Note : These villages are also in distt. Mandi-bahauddin except Dinga.

Main social personalities

  • Mian Mushtaq Ahmed (councler)
  • Choudhry sajjad
  • Choudry wallayat Hussain
  • Master sharif (late)
  • Choudhry aslam  s/o Muhammad khan (late)  based electercity in our village co-operation of ppp in 1990.
  • Master Muhammad Sharif (late) Councler
  • Chaudhry mehadi hassain kalis
  • Mian ashfaq
  • Choudhry fazal Hussain bania
  • Mian tanveer
  • Mian fazeelat
  • Mian liaqat (Italia)

Highly educated personalities

  • Muhammad Asif   (Manager Aero Travel International Lahore)
  • Shakeel ahmed (system support executive Mayfair group of companies)
  • Sajjad Ahmed (Brigadear Pakistan Army)
  • Ashfaq Ahmed Bhatti (Hawaldar Pakistan army)
  • Muhammad sadiq (rtd Pakistan army)
  • Muhammad siddique( rtd paksistan steel mills Karachi)
  • Muhammad hussan  (Saudi Arabia)
  • Muhammad Hussain(Saudi Arabia)
  • Muhammad Aslam (Teacher high school Plaisranwala)
  • Tahir abbas shah (tnt area manger gujrat)
  • Muhammad ilyas shamas (Projects area manager gujrat)
  • Qamar abbas (Pakistan army)
  • Faisal Shahzad (mobilink office dinga)
  • Dr. Syyed Toqeer Hussain shah (DHMS Lahore)
  • Dr. fazal kareem  (dhms mbdin)
  • Dr. Jawed iqbal (dhms mbdin)
  • Dr. karamat ali
  • Choudhry muddassar hussain (italia)
  • Choudhry azhar iqbal (italia)
  • Mian yousaf ikram (Construction contractor spain)
  • Hafiz tanveer mehar (construction contractor spian)
  • Sajjad Ahmed (B.A)
  • Shabbir Ahmed (Head master Primary school Chak Sher Muhammad)
  • Mian Muhammad Adrees (Planning & Control Govt. of Pakistan Islamabad)
  • Mian Amir Shahzad (M.B.A. Virtual University of Pakistan)
  • Shakeel Ahmed (System Support Exective Mayfair Ltd Lahore)

Degree level students

  1. Rashib Shahzad (digree college mb din)
  2. Saqib Shahzad (higher secondry school and college dinga)
  3. Mian imran (higher secondry school and college)
  4. Mian khawar
  5. Billal  (college of sharia and modern science Lahore)
  6. Mian ajmal (digree college mbdin)
  7. Mian Aamir (virtual univerty of Pakistan)
  8. Wafa khalid
  9. Waqar khalid
  10. Qaiser Hussain bania (barani college of commerce lala musa)

Business related personalities

  • Asmat ali (asmat ali kariana store )
  • Nazar muhammad mughal
  • Dr afzal(import agriculture machinery Italia)
  • Ghulam  rasool jandia (italia)
  • Ilyas ahmed shamas

Well settled people of my village abroad are

Mian Mazhar Iqbal (Italia), Choudhry Shahbaz gujjar (Greece), Mian nazkar (italia), Mian riasat  ali (Italia ), Mian shamraze (spain), Ustad qaiser (spain), Nasir mughal (spain),Zafar Iqbal (Kuwait), Ahar Iqbal fourmain (Kuwait), Muzaffar sb (narway), Habib  (Norway), Jamil (Norway), Tofeeq  couch (dubai), Mian khawar (Italia), Shahid siath (Italia), Irfan gujjar (Greece), Ihsan gujjar (Greece), Mian waqar (spain), Mian asim (spain), Muzaffar chohan (spain), Afzal khokhar (Greece), Abdul khokhar (Italia), Safdar khokhar (Italia), Ghulam abbas shakir (Italia), Shahabaz ahmed shakir(Italia), Riaz ahmed kalis (Saudi Arabia), Sajjad ahmed kalis (Greece), Asjad chaichi (Greece), Mubbashar mughal  (Saudi Arabia), Mian shafqat ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Mian Muhammad imran (Saudi Arabia), Babar (Italia), Mian waqar (Italia), Aamir mughal (Kuwait), Charagh mughal (Kuwait)

Main Crops of the Village

Wheat, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tobbacco

Nearest Villages

  • Dinga & Sivia Sharif in East
  • Chailianwala Station in West
  • Kot Islam in North
  • Open in South

Main Castes in the Village

  •  Gujjar (Gorsi)
  • Gujjar (Miana)
  • Mughal
  • Malik
  • Bhatti
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Butt (Kashmiri)

Talent of the village

Jamil ahmed kashi

Jamil Ahmed is one of many talented people of this village. He was best in Sport especially in Cricket, he got many prizes all over the Pakistan and he was also trial players that Imran Khan selected. Here are some of his achievements:

  1. Faisal Abad (Gulshan Cricket Club 61 wickets in 14 matches)
  2. Lahore  ( In the batch of Aqib Jawed ,Ata-u-Rahman and Amir Nazir etc.Trial  inspector King of  Cricket Mr.Imran Khan appreciated but not continue and  approved for pakistan cricket team.)
  3. Karachi  (Member of Fazal Cricket Clup gain 70 vickets in 17 matches)
  4. Sargodha (Playing with Lucky Cricket Club, 32 wickets in 20 matches)
  5. Gujrat (Gujrat Jamkhana Cricket Club 81 wickets in 26 matches)

He won 37 times man of the match and man of the tournaments trophy.



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