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Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں

channi syedan mandi bahauddin villages

Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں

Info by: Shoukat Ali Kurar


The village Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں is located near Kala Shadian bank of the river chenab in phalia tehsil of Mandi Bahauddin district. It is a historical village.

Neighboring Villages

In the east side of Channi Syedan is Bahri village and in the west is Jago and Qadirabad.

Sources Of Income

The majority of the villagers are engaged in agriculture. Some people also work as laborer. Most of the youth of the villagers are employed abroad.
channi syedan mandi bahauddin villages


In the village some people belongs to Shia family and also Sunni but live like a family with peace.

Major Casts

The majority of the villagers belong to the Kurrar family while there are some other tribes like
  • Sayyed
  • Cheema
  • Khokhar
  • Arrien
  • Mahajar
  • Malah
  • Kmhar
  • Muslim Shaikh
  • Machi
  • Taili

Famous Personalities

  1. Shamshair Ali Kurar
  2. Saif Ullah Kurar
  3. Nasar Nawaz Kurar
  4. Syed Hassan Numberdar
  5. Syed Qamar Abbas
  6. Syed Ali Abbas
  7. Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  8. Riaz Ahmad Kurar
  9. Haji Muhammad Walayat Kurar
  10. Ansr Kurar
  11. Jamal Hassan Kurar
  12. Sikandar Ali Kurar

Social Personalities

  • Syed Sabtain Abbas (PPP)
  • Syed Aoun Abbas
  • Syed Haidar Bukhari
  • Azeem Kurar
  • Asad Kurar

Educated Peoples

  1. Syed Shahid Abbas (Punjab Police)
  2. Syed Aqeel Abbas (Punjab Police)
  3. Major Retired Baati Khan Kurar
  4. Muhammad Anwar Kurar
  5. Shoukat Ali Kurar
  6. Syed Tahir (Pak Army)
  7. Mohsin Khokhar (Punjab Police)
  8. Mohsin Ali (Pak Army)
  9. Syed Nasir Abbas


There are two primary schools in this village


  • Syed Saidan shah Al mahroof dada g shrine

Health Facilities

There is no hospital in the village. People get medicine of minor diseases from Phalia and Major from Qadirabad.
May Allah Bless this village [AAMEEN]

Information Provided By: Shoukat Ali Kurar

Contact Number: 03406139832

Email Address:
Last updated on: 08-12-2022

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