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Charound/Fairs: Imam kot

Shubah waloon ka fair

On June 18 there is a big fair /gathering.

Maile: 25 Saun Mian Ladan Badshah

Mazar : Baba Kareem shah

Sports: Cricket,

Info: Bashir Mohd s/o Sai Mohd Gondal

Chround is an old village. Gondal bar k waqt se Gondal ka last village hai. Ist famous due to docaits and Chur.

Zameendari: Many people are in europe , USA, middle east.

Castes: Gondal, Tarar, Syed.

Ch. Mohd Roshin s/o Late Khawaja Gondal

Sai Mohd s/o Late Sardar Gondal

Ch. Bashir Mohd s/o Sai Mohd Gondal

Sultan Ahmed s/o Mirza Tarar

Educated Personalities:

  1. Col. Mukhtar Ahmed s/o Nadir Khan Gondal
  2. Master Iftikar
  3. Mohd Aslam s/o Sai Mohd Gondal B.A.
  4. Amjid s/o Mohd Akhbar Gondal B.A.
  5. Mohd Ashraf s/o Sai Mohd B.A

Govt. Schools:

Middle Girls School

Boys high school

Quide-Azam School


Baba Ladal

Baba Kareem Shah

Mian Ladal Badshah

Habak Shah

Mian Dhurra


Faqir Ahle-Membran

Jamia jashmia

Mosques 9


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