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Cheemo | Chimmon چھموں

Cheemo || Chimmon || Chemon چھموں

GOVT Services:

  • Caption Moazam Nazir Gondal (Pak Army)
  • Ijaz Ahmed Gondal (Atomic Plant Kahota)
  • Lt. Hamza (Pak Army)
  • Muhammad Yar Gondal (Engineer)

Social Personalities:

  • Ch. Nasir Mahood Gondal (Ex Niab Nazim)
  • Ch. Muhammad Yar Gondal (Ex Councler)
  • Moazam Nazir Gondal

Sports Personalities:

Muhammad Arif Gondal (Pakistan Colour Holder Basket ball, Pak Army)

کسی بھی قسم کی درستگی کیلئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ شکریہ


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