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Chhimmon + Bagga Pind

Village Chimmon(Bagga Pind)   Info. by Mudasser Gondal   



              The Great Village of Gondals Chimmon is situated in the heart of Gondal Bar.About 6 km in the west of city Mandi bahuddin.Uc Sohawa is in the east and Uc Sahana is in the west of Uc Chimmon.Bagga Pind is the enterance of Chimmon from the east.


            The Village is about 3 hundred years old.The Village Chimmon is named by the person Chimmon Gondal.There had great political and social personalities in village Chimmon.Ch.Sai muhammad Gondal.became MNA and also became the minister for Railway.His Son Ch.Ahmad yar Gondal became many times MPA.


         Ch.Noor Muhammad Gondal of the most famous individual personality in Punjab.His Son Javed Iqbal gondal became many times member of District Council and also elected as a Nazim.His Brother Zafar Iqbal Gondal is also very famous social personality of the area.

        The Village is very famous in Punjab about sports and games.Neza bazi is famous game in Punjab and 2 best riders of Punjab Belongs to Village.Teams of Kabadi and Shooting Volley Ball are one of the best teams in Punjab.


                   Its about 15 thousand population of Chimmon and Bagga pind.There is only one cast that is Gondal.There is not even a single other cast.Most of the people belong to the aggriculture ,Govt Services,and living abroad.


          Conl. Muhammad Abbas Gondal.

           Conl.Ghulam Haider Gondal

           Maj.Dr.Shahzad Ahmad Gondal

           Manzoor Ahmad Gondal.(S.D.O Local Govt.)

           Munir Ahmad Gondal.(Sq.Leader Air Force)

          Tariq mehmood.(Member UNO)

         Muhammad  Ameer Gondal(Insepector Punjab Police)

         Muhammad Zubair Gondal(CID.Officer)

Highly Educated Personalities.

            Dr.Tahir Mehmood Gondal.(Phd.)

            Tariq Mehmood.(M.Phil)

            Muhammad Iqbal Gondal.Advocate High Court Punjab.(MA.L.L.B)

            Sajid Mehmood Gondal.(MA L.L.B)

           Professor Imtiaz Ahmad Gondal(MA.English)

           Muhammad Mudassar Gondal.(MBA.London)

            Sohail Mahmood Gondal.(MBA. Kingston University London.)

           Waseem Mansha Gondal.Software Engineer(MSC.Hons.)

          Shahzad Manzoor Gondal.(MA English)

           Capt.  Moazzam Nazir Gondal.(Pak Army)

            M. Ahsan Gondal.(MA. NIB Bank.)

           Ijaz Ahmed Gondal (Atomic Plant Kahota)

          Lt Hamza.(Pak Army)

          M. Yar Gondal (Engineer)

          M. Ali Gondal.(Major Pak Army)

          Irfan Ali Gondal.(Elect. Engr. Nokia Siemens Netowrks)

          Dr. Saleem Gondal (MBBS)

          Shair Gondal .(Major Pak Army)

          Hassan Ali Gondal.(Mech. Engr. UET Taxila)

          Rauf Gondal (Diploma Civil Engr.)

          Mumtaz Ahmed Gondal .(MA, Canada)

Political Personalities.

           Sultan Mehmood Gondal.Retd.S.S.P(Ex.MPA)

           Muhammad Arif Gondal.(Ex.MPA)

          Rab Nawaz Gondal.Nazim

         Zafar Iqbal Gondal.Ex Nazim

Social Personalities.

       Zafar Iqbal gondal.

      Mansha Khan Gondal.(Govt Contractor)

      Khalid Mehmood Gondal.(Govt Contractor)

     Haji Pervaiz Ahmad Gondal.

     Noor Muhammad Nambardar.

    Sufi Allah Bakhsh Gondal.

     Ch. Nasir Mahmood Gondal (Ex. Niab Nazim).

     Muhammad Yar Gondal (Ex. Counsler).

    Moazzam Nazir



Wel known Players.

Sarfraz Ahmad Gondal.(Gold medalist Tent Pegging.)

Muhammad Arif Gondal.(Pak Colour Holder Basket Ball Pak Army.) 

Naveed Ahmad Bhuttha.(Shooting Volley ball)

Ikram Rasool Gondal

Hamid Ali Gondal(Kabbadi)

Peer Mitho Shah(Kabadi)


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