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Chicken Rate In Mandi Bahauddin Today

Chicken Rate Today Mandi Bahauddin

Chicken Rate in Mandi Bahauddin
منڈی بہاوالدین میں آج برائلر مرغ کے تازہ ترین ریٹ

Chicken Rate Today Mandi Bahauddin

Name ItemForm rateWholesale RateRetail Rate
Chicken Broiler زندہ برائلر مرغیRs. 260Rs. 270Rs. 280
Chicken Broiler
چکن، برائلر گوشت بمعہ صاف پوٹ کلیجی بغیر چونچ
Rs. -Rs. -Rs. 407
Eggs Farm
انڈہ فارمی
Rs. -Rupees 7380 per cotan Rs. 250
Chicken Rate Today Mandi Bahauddin - Chicken Rate in Mandi Bahauddin today
Last update: 26-06-2024

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Chicken Rate Today Mandi Bahauddin
Chicken Rate Today Mandi Bahauddin

Poultry meat is something everybody slobbers for! In addition to the taste however it’s loaded with supplements. It’s wealthy in protein, great for your heart, have a lot of phosphorus, plentiful in selenium, supports digestion, and more lots of benefits. The costs of Poultry things in Mandi Bahauddin are overhauled consistently. We presents an astonishing internet based Poultry Items everyday costs administration. Here you can check the Chicken rate in Mandi Bahauddin and Eggs rate in Mandi Bahauddin. These Poultry costs are refreshed by the nearby market panel of Mandi Bahauddin.

All these rate list are provided on daily basis from Market Committee District Mandi Bahauddin. M.B.Din News is the first and largest network of Ditrict Mandi Bahauddin which updates all released rate list on daily basis. Before viewing the rate list, please check the date given above

Email us for any complaint. Our email address is We will respond to your complaints soon. Note: Get Mandi Bahauddin latest news and daily rate list now also in our WhatsApp group. Write the number in the comments box to join the group. Thanks

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