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Chillianwala چیلیانوالہ

Chalianwala چیلیانوالہ

History of the Village:

Its one of the most historical place in district Mandi-Bahauddin and thats why we have included detailed information about the history and Battle of Chillianwala. Please see that HERE

And for the Photos of Historical Place-Please Click HERE

This small and famous village in District Mandi-Bahauddin, located at a distance of approximately 13 kilometers from Mandi-Bahauddin city, was the scene of a famous and rather bloody battle in January 1849 between the advancing British army and the Sikhs who ruled over Punjab in those days.Chillianwala railway station is one part of Chillianwala and is very famous.

Present Information about Village

  • Its a famous village belonging to Gujjar family because 70 % of the total population is only Gujjar.
  • Population of Chillianwala village and Chillianwala Station is about 100,000 persons.
  • I think, the Village is pronounced with a name called “Chillian”. Chillan and Mojian are two famous brothers of one family.
  • Now the Mojianwala is located next to the east side of Chillianwala.
  • The cast of founder was Gujjar.
  • People of the village : Very nice and hospitable.The Chillianwala is well cultivated area.
  • Source of income : Farmer, Industry, Govt. & Private Job and many families live abroad

Nearby Villages





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Main castes:

The major cast of the person is Gujjar, Shah and Mohajir.

Social Personalities of the Village:

  • Late Ch. Iqbal Ahmed (M.N.A)
  • Ch. Jaffer Iqbal (M.N.A)
  • Ch. Nasir Iqbal (Ex. M.N.A),


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