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Chot Dheeran چوٹ دھیراں

Introduction of my Village                  by Tariq Javed Gondal

The name of my village is Chot Dheeran. It is situated about 12 KM in South west side of Malikwal . The nearby villages are Chak No 9. , Chak No. 22 ,Wasuwal, Chak No 23 , Bhaw, Bhalo datta, Khana, Kertar pur , etc .
In south side of Chot dheeran is a long forest , which is called Barmusa forest. It is between Loon manni to Rukken road .My village center point of the both .
Almost from every family in my village the people live in European countries,because of that too my village is famous. The second name of My village is Francecci .The most families of my village are rich and very respectable.

    • In my village there is one Govt High School for Boys and
    • one Middle school for Girls.

There are three PVT Schools in my village,the names of these are given below .

    • Allama Iqbal school: In this school there are classes till intermediate .
    • Quaid Azam School . In In this school there are classes till Matric.
    • Alfurqan Caddit Model School .In In this school there are classes till Matric.

One Darras (Madresa) is opened in my village . In In this Darras there are classes till Degree Level. There is one Govt.Hospital in my village and one Telephone Exchange.
There are Five Mosques in my village.
Majority of people lived on DERAs.Facility of Post office is also available in village .

Social Personalities of the Village

    • One of the great person of my village is Ch.Muhammad Ashraf Gondal, who is President of Labour party in France.
    • Another  great person from village is Ch Skindar Hayyat gondal , who is president of Muslim league in France.
    • Qamar Bashir Bosal
    • Imran Gondal Nazim
    • One of respectable person of my village is Ch Pervaiz Ahamad Gondal.


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