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Daim Iqbal Daim (Poet)

daim iqbal daim

Daim Iqbal Daim دائم اقبال دائم

daim iqbal daim

A Punjabi, Sufi poet and author of at least 120 books, Daim was born in 1909 in Wasu District Mandi Bahauddin. He wrote in Urdu and Persian as well. His books titled Sohni Mahinwal, Shahnama Karbala, Shahnama Haidari, Shahnama Ghausia, Ki Janan Me Kaun and Kambal Posh are famous.


Daim Iqbal Daim from Mandi Bahauddin District, Pakistan also wrote many qissas in Punjabi language like Mirza Sahiban, Laila Majnu, Sohni Mahiwal, Bilal Biti etc. Daim got popularity by writing “Shah Nama Karbla” and “Kambal Posh”.

mazar of daim iqbal daim

daim iqbal daim mazar


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