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Dhaul Ranjha دھول رانجھا



Dhoul Bala is a famous village of District Mandi-Bahauddin.In its east is Ladher Kalan, in West is Madhrey Rattowal, in North is Mangat and its southside is one small canal and Kailu , Phalia.


Population of our village is round about 7000 persons.

Means Of Earning: _________

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services.Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France,Spain, Greece, Itlay, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Way Of Living:_________

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is anuncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket, Volly Ball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at THANA Phalia.


Village is located almost 7.0 KM towards east from Phalia City.Peoples use Tanga’s & Rikshas to reach the bus stop. Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas.

Bazars And Markeets:________

No Bazars or Markets are present in the village only few General stores (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go Phalia or Mandibha ud din City for major shopping.

Crops Of The Village:

1. Wheat (gandam

2. Rice (chawal)

3. Corn (mukai)

4. Potato (aalo)

5. Barley (jao)

6. Sugar Cane (kamad)

7. Sweet Pea (mator)

8. Chicken Pea (chana

9. Jawar

10. Bajra

11. All Vegetables etc.

Hospitals , Medical Stores & Shops:_______________________

There is no Hospital but one Medical Store and some Janral Shops and one B.H.U

Media Facilities:_______________________________________

In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess COMPUTERS in them very rare people use internet.

Registered Voters:______________________________________

The number of registered voters in the village is 3800 among them almost half of them are of female voters. Although village is small but at the time of election village splits into three parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other. At the time of BD elections both males and females cast vote but at National and Provincial Assembly elections only males cast their votes.

Nature Of The Peoples:_________________________________

People of our village are very respective, moderate ,well educated and good host. Way of living is mixture of agricultural and city life. Some people are working in govt sector and many are abroad .

Education Sector:______________________________________

There are 2 Govt. Schools (one for boys and one for girls) and 02 Private Schools. There are also 02 Mosques in the village. One private school is Ghazali Model high School.

Main Casts:___________________________________________

  • Ranjha
  • Gndan
  • Butt
  • Mouchi
  • Barber
  • Lohar

Comunication & Entertainment System:___________________

Every facillity of modern era is available like Telephone, Internet, Transport , Mobiles, TV, TV-Cable etc.

Rest House: (Dara)_____________________________________

There is 04 Rest House For Peoples

Sports Of The Village:__________________________________

Vollyball, Kabbaddi, Cricket, Bantay, Akhroat, Gulli danda.

Free Time & Hobby:

There is one Park for Peoples nearby our Village and also there is Canal. Kabaddi is the Popular Sport in the Village.

Flora & Fauna:________________________________________

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are

1. Buffalos (bhainsein)
2. Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
3. Sheeps (bhairain)
4. Goats (bakrian)
5. Horses (ghoray)
6. Donkeys (gadhay)
7. Dogs (kutay)
8. Cats (Bilian)
9. Hens (murgean)
10. Rabbits (khargosh)
11. Pigeons (kabutar

Tree’s & Flower’s:_____________________________________

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under:

1. Acacia species (kikar)
2. Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
3. Rosa indica (gulab)
4. Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
5. Guava (amrood)
6. Mangoes (aam)
7. Gomi (dhraik)

Main Problums Of The Village:___________________________

1. Sui Gas Problum

2. There is no Community Center

3. There is no High School for Boys & Girls

4. Roads condition is very bad

5. Health Problum

6. Street Problems


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