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Dhok Jori ڈھوک جوڑی

dhok jori mandi bahauddin

Dhok Jori ڈھوک جوڑی

Info by: Nasir Farooq


Village Dhok Jori ڈھوک جوڑی is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from Mandi Bahauddin City upto 16 KM towards east and 20 KM from Phalia City towards north.

Area of the Village

Total area of the village is about 1,700 acres.


Village Dhok Jori is after the name of two brothers who settled here in past. (JORI means two or pair of brothers) It is said that Longo and Kamo were the two brothers who are the source of the name of the village.

dhok jori mandi bahauddin

Neighboring Villages

Neighboring villages of Dhok Jori are Dhok Daud, Dhok Saharan, Dhok Kasib, Dhok Nawan Lok, Murala, Rakh Baloch, Jesak, Chillianwala Station etc.

Major Cast

Major casts of the village are

  • Raan
  • Gadgor
  • Ranjha

Many casts of non agriculturist families

Important Bradaries

Famous Families (Tabarr or Bradri) of the village are:

  1. Sharaf ke
  2. Nathu Ke
  3. Hast ke
  4. Jowaye ke
  5. Phajju ke
  6. Johad ke
  7. Langer ke
  8. Lutthab ke
  9. Qutab ke
  10. Mammehy ke

Famous Personalities

Important personalities of the village are as follows:

  • Captain Muhammad Azam Raan
  • Muhammad Aslam (CSS officer Islamabad)
  • Mukhtar Ahmad Noshahi (Ex Councilor)
  • Ghulam Haider Raan
  • Dr. Zaka Ullah
  • Dr. Khawar Shoaib
  • Safdar Ali Numberdar
  • Ashraf Ali Numberdar
  • Muhammad Inayat Raan
  • Asghar Ali Raan
  • Irshad Ullah Raan
  • Ahmad Ali Waris
  • Walayat Zafar Raan

Means Of Earning

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad thats why many peoples of the village are found in France, Spain, Greece, Itlay, Belgium, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earnings.


Important Shops of Village

  • Bismmillah Karyana Store
  • Zain General Store
  • Noshahi General Store
  • Rangga Tea Stall
  • Khara Kiryana Store
  • Tanveer Steel Works
  • Mubeen Cloth house
  • Madni Tent Service
  • Madina Cloth and Tailoring
  • Supra Furnitures
  • Madni Electric Store
  • Nawaz Electric Store
  • Lucky PCO
  • Sufi Kiryana Store
  • Sikandar Karyana store
  • Mansha Meat Shop
  • Akhtar Kiryana Store
  • Khurran Hamam
  • Dubai Hamam
  • Zafar Hamam
  • Azhar Dry Cleaners
  • Wood Stall
  • Munir Building Material Store
  • Asif Khal Khaad Store
  • Taimoor Khal Khaad Store


There are total three mosques in the village.

  • Jameh Masjid Ghousia (Main)
  • Masjid Haq Char Yaar
  • Masjid Hassan Shah Sattar Shah

Dars (Jamia)

  • One Dars (Jamia) for females is present in village.

Social Organizations

  1. Meelad Committee Dhok Jori
  2. Anjuman Talba e Islam  (ATI) Dhok Jori.


Famous Shrines of village are

  1. Darbar Baba Meeran Shah
  2. Darbar Baba Charr
  3. Darbar Baba Hassan Shah Sattar Shah
  4. Darbar Baba Nou Ghaza
  5. Darbar Baba Jani

Schools and Education

Literacy rate of the village is much better. Almost every child of the village goes to school. There are three shools in the village:

  1. Govt. Primary School for Boys Dhok Jori
  2. Govt. Girls Primary School Dhok Jori
  3. Mustafai Science Model School Dhok Jori
  4. Al Qamar Education Centre Dhok Jori

Highly Qualified Persons

Highly Qualified Persons in village are

  1. Nasir Farooq Najmi
  2. Ashfaq Ahmad Rann Advocate
  3. Mubashar Ahmad Raan Advocate
  4. Tariq Ahmad Raan Advocate
  5. Mumraiz Ahmad Advocate
  6. Safdar Ali Attari
  7. Dr. Ilyas Qaiser

Many females have also done Master degrees and Bachelor Degrees in different subjects.

Health Facilities

There is no hospital in the village only two clinics are present


Village is located almost 16 KM towards East from Mandi Bahauddin. People of the village travel on Vans from Mandi City. Some People use train from Chillianwala Station which is 3 KM far from Village. Personal Cars, Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas.

Media Facilities

In the village Television, Cable Network, Radio, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services are present in almost every house. Few houses in the village also possess COMPUTERS in them but very rare people use internet.

Crops of the village

Land of village is very Fertile. Famous Crops are

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Potato
  • Barley
  • Sugar Cane
  • Sweet Pea
  • Chicken Pea
  • Jawar
  • Bajra


Dhok Jori is an important village in District Mandi Baha Ud Din.

God Bless Our Village (Ameen)

Info Provided By Nasir Farooq Najmi


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