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Dhok Shahaani

Dhok Shahaani         Info. Mujhaid Abbas Virk, Punjab Police

Location of the village

It is approximately 13 km east of the city of Mandi Bahuddin. East side is Murala and village Chak Basawa is in the west, Chorund is in the South and Dhok Daud in the North of Dhok Shahanni.

History of the village

Dhok Shahanni village is an old village and is about 150 years old and setup by English rulers. Before the partition of Indien Sub-continent, there lived Sikh, Hindu and Muslims in this village. The name of the village was given after the English Rulers divided all area of district Mandi-Bahauddin in small parts and many Chaks and Ghoks. And this village was also called Ghok and when the English rulers left Sub-Continent then this village got the name as Dhok and because that time in this village were settled Syed Caste and this village got the name as Dhok Shahanni(Syed). In this village there are 2 very old buildings and also all houses are made of bricks and 5 houses are built very modern. In this village there are 5 mosques and 2 graveyards. There is also one brick factory. Almost all houses in this village are facilitated with Lightening and Telephone. Internet is also available.

Population of the village

The population of this village is about 3 thousand peoples that comprised of 160 houses (Virk family 48 houses, Gondal family 6, Warraich family 6, Syed family 35, Muslim Sheikh 20, Mouchi 10, Khumar 5, Lohar 2, Tarkhan 4, Butt 3, Golah 6, Nai 3, Cheema 2 and houses)
In percentage the population of this village is so divied:
Virk ->28 %, Syed -> 18 %, Gondal -> 4%, Warraich 4%, Muslim Sheikh 25 %, Mouchi 7 %, Khumar 9 % and all others are about 5 % of total population.
The population of this village is 100 % Muslim and out of that bout 70 % are Sunni (Barailwi), 1 % Sunni Dewbandi and 29 % are Shia. The total area of this village is 40 Morabas ( Virk has 22, Syed has 12, Warraich has 5 and half and Cheema has half Moraba land).
There are 10 shops in the village and there is one Govt Hospital about 4 km away from the village. 

Nature of People of the village

The people of the village are very nice and peaceful. Like all other villages there live almost all good people and few criminal people also. The number of criminal people is about 10.

Source of income of the village

People are mostly doing different jobs like Agriculture, business, private and government jobs (5 in Police, 4 teachers, 2 Hakeem) and the young Generation including non technical trying to go to abroad and now a days many (about 250 person) are in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Gulf countries.

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks

  • Murrala                                 ————-> East
  • Chak Basawa                          ————->West
  • Dhok Daud                            ————->North
  • Chorund                                ————–>South

Social Personalities of the Village

  • Muhammad Ashraf Virk
  • Sikandar Hiyat Virk
  • Akhtar Hiyat Virk
  • Farooq Hiyat Virk
  • Muhammad Abbas Shah
  • Syed Abid Shah
  • Mehdi Virk
  • Akhtar Cheema
  • Mian Rasheed
  • Muhammad Inyat Virk

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  1. Civil Engineer 1
  2. Scientist    1
  3. Punjab Police 5
  4. Teacher   4
  5. Graduate 10
  6. Hakeem 2
  7. Pak Army Soldier 20
  8. Working in Karachi in factories 50

Many families of this village are now living cities for the sake of education of their childern.

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas in the village

  • Govt. Primary School for Girls
  • Govt. Primary School for Boys

Main castes

  • Virk, Syed, Gondal, Warraich, Cheema, Butt, Muslim Sheikh, Lohar, Tarkhan, Khumar, and other serving castes

Main crops and fruits in the village

Water Melons and Potatoes of this village are very popular in all our area for their quality.

Mazars in Village

  • Gujha Pir: The history of this pir is that people of the village saw here about 9 years old boy or girl and after sometime they vanished suddenly. And at this place , no bird or animal made dirty and after that the people of the village made here on Mazar and named it as Pir Gujha. Every year thousands of people come to this Mazar for fulfiling of their wishes and pay money on this Mazar to fulfil their wishes
  • Pakki Maseet (Solid Mosque)
  • Kalaan Gharaan

Free time & Hobby

Shooting Ball, Cricket, Horse riding

Parks and Canals

This village is sorrounded by Canals on all four directions. Also this village has one Orange Garden(Bagh) and a lot of green fields all around the village.

Some information about the history of Virk family, Syed family and Warraich family

Syed: This family is the first family who shifted to this village. In the biggining all land of this village belong to this family but later when they were not able to pay tax (Beyana) of their lands they divided land of this village in other families like Virk and Warriach. The most famous personality in the history of this village was Late Haider Shah. He was very noble and Mehmannawaz. If any unknown person come to this village and he needed to live overnight and food then he becomes that from this great personality as guest. And thats why when Haider Shah died, the biggest gathering in funeral was in his funeral in the history of this village. He lived about 110 years.

Virk:virk family shifted from village Noshira Virkan to this village. They were Sikh in religion in the biggining but later they accepted Islam. They came to this village with all their animals and also some wealth (Money). They took land from Syed family.

Warraich: They came to this village and in the beginning their profession was to amouse people by playing monkey. They kept monkey and went to village to village to earn daily livings.


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