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Dhoke Nawan Loke


Dhoke Nawan Loke

Dhoke Nawan Loke is a town in the Punjab. It lies 10 Km east of Mandi Bahauddin, 0.5 Km north of Dhok Kasib and has 80% literacy rate. Historicaly it is famous because of ancient ruins of old civilization on Tiba ( No archialogical servay have been done but it is thousands of years old village ruins). Some people from this village participated in The Battle of Chillianwala in 1849.

Dhoke Nawan Lock is a village of 5000 people, mostly working in agriculture and services sector but after 1995 most of the young people prefered to travel abroad as economic migrants and now about 15% of young under 35 years of age are in Europe and North America. So the whole make up of the economic face has changed. Foreign capital now accounts for the 9/10 of the total income of the village which has resulted in higher prices for real estate and agriculture property. the price of one acre of pure agricultural land has jumped to 800000 RS ( about 16000 $/ acre). The real estate is about 45000 $ per acre. The real chellange for the village is to invest in education and youth facilities so that it can chennal the capital in more intelligent way. Like the village needs a liabrary for its young minds.

Social Personalities of the Village:

  • Ch Ansar Sahiis known for his bold and courageous leadership in “Pind’s journey to Europe”

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village:

  • Late Professor Ghulam Qadir Sahi (1950 – 2001). He was a professor of Indo-Pak History with deep interest in Islamic History. He was also the editor of magazine Khirman in District College Mandi Baha-ud-Din. He was a respectable persons due to his scholarship and political awareness. He had a great influence on the whole district. He influenced contemporary generation of Sahi families. Zulqurnain Sahi, Saifullah Sahi and Riaz Farooq Sahi who are the political leaders of contemporary Dokaan Sahiyan are influenced by his intellect and humility. His star students like Abdulaziz Gujar, and Professor Qari Anyt-ullh are leaders of education field in the district.
  • Ch Mian Waseem, CSS officer lives in Lahore.
  • Ch. Muhammad Asif Sahi, a food technologist, currently living in Toronto.
  • Mian Ilyas Sahian articulate teacher at secondary school.
  • Muhammad Khan Johara pharmacist working in UK.
  • Muhammad Ahsin Sahi Advocate a Political Science student at University of Waterloo.
  • Mian Gulraiz Waseem SahiGC graduate in Political Science working in UK.
  • Muhammad Riaz Sahia European History student at McMaster University, Hamilton.
  • Ghulam Rasool Sahiwas the first M.A Islamyat of our village
  • Muhammad Shamraiz Mehdi Sahiworking as a pharmacist (B.Pharmacy) here in Melbourne and at the same time studing my MBA from University of Ballarat

Nearby Villages

  • Dhoke Kasib
  • Dhoke Saharan
  • Dhoke Malowal
  • Dhoke Murad
  • Dhok Jouri

Main castes

  • Sahi
  • Gondal
  • Arain
  • Gujjar


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