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Dhola ،ڈھولا

Dhola Information sendr Ghulam Hussain Gondal ( Saudi Arabia)
_____Introduction& Location________

 of Punjabi poetry which contains the tails of Punjabi heroes and very brave persons like Kharak Singh.But here Dholais my village which is situated near river Chenab in Tehsil Phalia District Mandi Baha-ud-Din.Globel location of Dhola is32.3615North, 73.5487East in WGS84.Dhola is in U/C Saida Sharif, Halqa NA 109, PP118 and related police station is QadirAbad and its 28km away from Mandi Baha-ud-Din and 8km from Phalia towards QadirAbad.


is the name of a person who was founder of this village casted Tarar. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister named Joula, Moula and Bhaikho. Bhaikho is also the founder of one village which is near Qadir Abad named Bhaikho.

_______________Present Info_____________
Now a day’s Dhola consists of two parts (Dhola Kalan and Dhola Khurd).The population of both parts is around 3000 and also a small part of Dhola is (Dera Tarkhanan) which 1.5 miles away from the village towards Seiray.There are two government primary schools, one for boys and other for girls. And also it has two private English medium schools named Mustafai Model School and Al-Wahid Model School however, in the presence of the schools literacy rate is average.Dhola is well cultivated and green area. Mostly people are farmers and working abroad and some are government servants.Nearest villages are Dhal (east), Seiray (north), Saida Sharif (west) and Thatha Khan Mohammad (south). There are many a casts but main are Tarar, Gondal, Waraich, Ranjha, and Bhuhn.

________Qualified Persons_____

1.Zafar Iqbal s/o Ghulam Muhammad Gondal, S.D.O

2. Muhammad Arif s/o Sher Muhammad Tarar, Principal Govt Degree College Phalia.

3. Munnawar Hussain Tarar (Advocate)

4.Muhammad Arif Gondal

5.Aamar Shehzad Gondal (Advocate)

6. Muhammad Azam Gondal (ex.Naib Nazim) u/c Saida Sharif

7. Caption Jamshed Nazir Tarar (Pak Army)

_________Social Personalities Of The Villege____

1. Khushi Mohammad s/o Jalal Gondal

2. Ghulam Qadir s/o Sher Mohammad Gondal

3. Ghulam Abbas s/o Mola Bakhsh Tarar

4. Ch Mohammad Azam Bhuhn

5. Mohammad Irfan Tarar Mali – ka

6. ch. Shafqat Parvez Tarar

7. Mohammad Yar s/o Sardar Khan Gondal

8. Mohammad Zaman s/o Mirza Gondal

9. Saifullah s/o Nazar Mohammad Tarar

10. Khalid Mehmood Butt

11. Nazir Ahmad s/o Khan Mohammad Tarar

12. Late Subay Khan Gondal

13. Late Mohammad Inayat s/o Sher Mohammad Gondal

14. Mohammad Zaman Tarar Mahran-ka

15. Mukhtar Ahmad Jhola

16. Ansir Ahmad Jhola

17. Amir Abbas Jhola

18. Shabbir Ahmad Jhola

______Social Personelities Working Abroad___

1. Haji Mohammad Aslam Tarar ( Saudi Arabia )

2. Haji Ashiq Hussain Tarar ( Saudi Arabia )

3. Shahid Iqbal Tarar ( France )

4. Zahid Iqbal Gondal ( Saudi Arabia )

___________Famous Games_______
Volly Ball ( Shooting )



___________Major Requirments Of The Village________

1. Hospital or dispensary

2. Elementary School For Girls

3. Waste and Storm Water Drain From Village to Buddhi Nala

4. Water Filtration Plant for Drinking Water.

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