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Economy of Mandi Bahauddin

Shahtaj Sugar Mills is located about 2 km west of the city. It stretches on an area of more than 20 acres (0.081 km) and has its sub-offices in Lahore and Karachi. Shahtaj Sugar Mills is one of the largest sugar plants in the country. The other major private sector factory in Mandi Bahauddin is Colony Sugar Mills (Formerly Phalia Sugar Mills), situated southeast of Phalia city. Mandi Bahauddin has a textile mills named “Acro Textile Mills” which is situated near Kuthyala Sheikhan. The other industry of District Mandi Bahauddin includes assorted Kino Polishing Industry, Flour Grinding & Storing Mills,
Rice Mills etc.
Bab-ul-Ilm Research Foundation, abbreviated as BIRF, is a Pakistan-based international educational, research and interfaith harmony-building organization. BIRF has its headquarters at Mandi Bahauddin. BIRF was founded by the young Pakistani writer and emerging scholar of comparative religions Syed Muhammad Waqas in 2009. Mandi Bahauddin is his hometown. The idea of founding Bab-ul-Ilm Research Foundation Network was conceived in 2008 when he was serving as “Lecturer of Indian Studies” in Kosovo. Since its creation, BIRF has embarked upon a number of educational, humanitarian and research projects. BIRF published its magnum opus What Quran Says: A Modern Reconstruction in 2009, which is written by Syed Muhammad Waqas. Moreover, BBC Urdu national bestseller (2010) was the book 21 December 2012: Kaa’inat Qiyaamat Ki Dehleez Par? written by BIRF General Secretary Sahibzada Abdur Rasheed and published in January 2010.

Recent research work published at WORDLDCOMP – The 2011 Word Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing Las Vegas, Nevada, USA under the title Formal Modeling of Navigation System of Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Graphs, Automata and Z which is written by Javed Iqbal. He Also presented the presentation at 10th international Pure Mathematics Conference 2009, under the title Navigation of Mobile Robot Population Using Automata Integrated with Formal Methods.

Recently research work accepted in 12th international pure mathematical conference (QAU Islamabad) and also presented by young Ph.D. scholar Mr. Naeem Saleem. The topic of the his research paper was On the critical group of the family of C_m V P_2, in his paper he

neralized the noddle curves and also find a way of critical group associated with graphs.
Other Mandi Bahauddin-based organizations of note include Farabi Foundation (FF), Daa’im Iqbal Academy, Lasani Educational Society and Sarbuland Society of Pakistan. Sarbuland Society of Pakistan boasts a nationwide network of free medical services (Homeopathy) with its headquarter at Khursheed Memorial Homeopathic Medical College at King Road, Mandi Bahauddin


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