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Expected Petrol and Diesel Price In April 2024 in Pakistan

expected petrol and diesel price in pakistan

The details of the expected increase in petrol price from April 1 have come out. After the approval of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif, the new prices of petroleum products will be announced on the night of March 31, 2024.

According to media reports, on the one hand, oil has become expensive in the global market, on the other hand, the IMF’s demand for increase in GST and petroleum levy may lead to a sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products.

Expected Petrol Price In Pakistan in April 2024

It has been reported that the effect of the increase in oil prices in the global market has only reached the consumers, then there is a possibility of an increase in the price of petrol by 9.50 rupees from April 1. After this potential increase, the new price will increase from Rs 279.75 to Rs 289.25. While the price of diesel is likely to reach Rs 285.56 with an increase of Rs 0.86.

Item Name Current Price Expected Price Increase
Petrol Rs 279.75 Rs 289.25 Rs 9.50
Diesel Rs 285.56 Rs 286.42 Rs 0.86

There are reports that the government plans to increase the petroleum levy from Rs 60 to Rs 100, thus the price of petrol and diesel may increase by Rs 40 due to the petroleum levy.

آئی ایم ایف نے بجلی کی قیمتوں میں کمی کی تجویز دے دی

On the other hand, on the demand of IMF, the government imposes 18% GST on petroleum products, then the price of petrol and diesel is likely to increase by Rs.50.


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