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Ghoghanwali : Info By. Tanvir Ahmed Gondal              

Village Ghoghanwali is in area of U.C. Bhoa Hassan. Of population 5000. Mostly of people are farmers and many reside in abroad. This village has honour of religious personalities. In the history of ancestors Peer Waris Shah belong to this village. He was Father of ” Peer Ranmall Shareef”. It has wide range of facilities.

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

1.      Master Mohammad Afzil M.A.

2.      Manzoor Ahmed Teacher

3.      Sayyed Tahir Shah S.S.T.

4.      Sayyed Irfan Shah Civil Engineer

5.      Farhat Abbas Shah Civil Engineer

6.      Alamdar Shah Civil Engineer

7.      Shehbaz Hussain Shah Secretary U.C. Bhoa Hassan

Social Personalities of the village

1.       Nazeer Ahmed Gondal

2.      Sayed Shafiq Shah

3.      Sayed Atiq Shah

4.      Sayed Sajid Hussain Shah

5.      Ghulam Rasool

6.      Dr. Ashrif

7.      Ch. Shair Mohd. Tarar

8.      Hasnat Hussain Shah (Naib Nazim)


Cricket, Walli ball, Kabbadi

Major Casts

1.      Gondal

2.      Tarar

3.      Sayyed

4.      Ranjha

5.      Arain

6.      Migrated Casts

7.      Misc.

Nearest Vilalges

1.      Gahry- East

2.      Channi Gahna – North

3.      Bhekhey Wal – South

4.      Dhala Shaheed – West

5.      Chak Shehbaz – South East

Main Crops of the Village

Wheat, Rice, Sugar Canes, Cotton, Tobacco, Vegetables


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