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Ghori           Info. by Lt Cdr Tasawar Iqbal Tungar Pak Navy

”’GOHRI”’ is a small and old village situated on the banks of a small canal meant originally for the forest of DAFFAR.
The village consists of three main tribes namely ”’TUNGARS”’, ”’CHADHAR”’ and ”’SOHLAY”’. The agriculture land is also divided along the canal bank, north side dominated by SOHLA’s where as Southern side belongs to TUNGAR’s and CHADHAR’s.
I belong to family of Tajy Kay Tungar’s. My maternal family belongs to Hidayat Kay Tungar’s of same village. So i have in other sense more responsibility towards promoting my village as my whole family history stars from Gohri and ends there as well.
The village is having only a school till primary class. It is in true sense still a backward village that needs a lot in order to be able to catch up with other villages around it. Although overall area enjoys the general neglect by the governement agencies by over and above that GOHRI had been adversly affected by the lack of educational facilities or rather lack of interest of its inhabitents in the education. It is a village that has shown perfect content in the situation prevailing and everone is happy in the same state. However, this happiness is mostly because of the reason of their ignorance than anything else. The young generation has no idea at all as well as no guidance for seeking better future.
Their local definition of better future is equally black. Most of them think if they will somehow or the other way manage to go abroad, all of their worries will be over.
Few of the people who have been able to make their way up through the preavailing conditions are worth mentioning and I am mentiioning them not for the showing that we, the TUNGAR’s are superior or anything else but just for the sole purpose that one day someone will read it and will be inspired and try to imitate the same and achieve something for himself and his family. The list, offcourse not exhaustive is as follows:

Armed Forces

  • Lt Col Muhammed Asif Tungar Pak Army
  • Ch. Zafar Iqbal Tungar Suprentendant MES Pak Army
  • Lt Cdr Tasawar Iqbal Tungar Pak Navy
  • Capt Rashid Iqbal Tungar Pak Army

Civil Departments

  • Ch. Safdar Iqbal Tungar Bussiness Man (HSL International School Rawalpindi, Executive New Wah Model Town)
  • Ch. Ghulam Mujtaba Tungar Executive Dubai Islamic Bank (Sudan)
  • Ch. Muddassar Iqbal Tungar Punjab Police (Rawalpindi)
  • Ch. Umar Hayat Tungar Advocate (Rawalpindi)

This was the contribution of my family. If anyone else from Gohri will hit this site, he/she is welcome to add further data.
My e-mail address is if anyone wishes to contact me for asking anything regarding Gohri or MBDin. 


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