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Gohar sharif

Gohar sharif (Malakwal)

Info Provided By: Ch khawar hafeez Gondal

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Village Ghor Sharif is situated at the main Gohar road. It is 25km from Mandi bahauddin


Nearest Vilalges:

  1. Ajjowall

  2. Gohari

  3. Chak no 17

  4. Chak no 16

  5. Chak no 15


Importance of the village in the area..
The most importance of the village would be in its union council.Its  the biggest vilage of the whole nine villages included in the union council so all the politicians come here to take votes .busal , and gojra have provided MNAs to this area.Because of the nearest village ,

  • Chak No 16/ Ch ijaz ( MNA)

  • Chak No 17 / Ch Adeel riaz Sandhu 

  • Chak No 6/ Ch Aslam Rakia

  • Ajjowal 

  • Gohri 



Every facility of life is available in the village.genral stores ,electrecity,Telephone,Roads etc…In the harvesting season , there are four combine harvesters available in the village. Muhammad Ansar Namberdar is the owner of two combine harvesters. There is a general store in each street of the village from where , people buy their house necessories.


Every thing related to the modern media is available in the village.Radio,newspaper,tv,internet,mobile,etc


The village is at main road so there is no problem of transport.five buses leave the bus stop in five minuets so the traffic is too much.


Population of the village .

The population of the village is about 2400.
Schools and Colleges in the village
  • Govt boys primary school
  • Govt girls primary school
  • One english academy (Private).


Social Personalities of the Village

  • Ch. Iftkhar Ahmmad (cheif salas )
  • Ch. Hamza Gondal
  • Sajad Mahmood (advocat)
  • Riaz Ahmmad Gondal
  • Khawar Hafeez Gondal
  • Manawer Gondal (wajer ka)
  • Karam Alahi Gondal


Way of living.

Way of living of the people  is very natural  and simple. People are very peaceful, kind, well wishers and serving.


Vollyball (Shooting)

Castes of the village  

Main Crops                  
Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tobbacco,  Orange etc.


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