Haria Railway Station

Haria Railway Station                    Info. by M. Ashraf Shaheen Switzerland

Haria Railway Station is a village in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 30 KM from Mandi-bahuddin towards West and 10 KM from Malakwal towards East.This village located in very important place, because this was and is only one railway station for many villages.This railway Station is since 1919.This is a small shopping center for many other villages, and  also bypass for many villages and Mandi bahaudin, Malkwal.We have Muslim Comercial Bank, Post Office. Samagi Behboud Cometti (Social Welfair Committy). The Population is nearly 5,000 inhabitants.This village belongs basically to Haria Village.The Literacy rate of the village is average. There is one boys and one girls Govt. Primary school.There are also working some private Schools for the betterment of the Society in my Village.Ghazali girls high school. Haria Railway Station is Cultivated Area.The Poplution of village is Agriculturist. Some people are working in the Government Services,Privat services, and a number of People are working abroad. We have four very beautifull Mosques, and Two welfare Organizations (Samagi Behbud counsil, social welfare committy)

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  1. Farooq Ahmad Dhariwal(Prof. Govt.College Malakwal)
  2. Abdul Wadud Dhariwal (journalist ARY T.V.and BBC London)
  3. Zamir Mushtaq Sajid (DSP ASF.)
  4. Muhammad Ibal Rajha (Teacher 14 scale)
  5. Abdul Majid BA/B.Sc. (customs)
  6. Ch.Hamid Afzal (Major Pakistan Army)
  7. Ch. Abdul Waheed Bala (SHG)
  8. Ch.Abdul Rashid Bala   and many others.

Main Crops

Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tobbacco, Mussor

Nearest Villages

  • Katowall in North East
  • Haria in North
  • Sahana in South East
  • Balar in East
  • Chak. No 21 in south

Main Castes

Gondal, Awan Malik, Dhariwall, Bala,Raja, Bhatti, Khokhar, Pathan etc.

Social Personalities of the Village  

  • Ch. Iftikhar Ahmad Dhariwal (counsolar)
  • Shaikh Tanveer Ahamd (businesman)
  • Haji Allah Bakhash Awan (Cloth-house)
  • Haji Muhammad Akram(Smagi Behboud council and finance secartary .Madris-tu-Binal)
  • Abdul Razaq Naz Samagi behboud council
  • Ch.Naeem Bala (Social worker)
  • Khurshid Ahmad Diwan
  • Naeem Akhtar Samagi (social) worker
  • Ch.Abdul Rashid Bala Chief exective Samagi Behbud council


  • Cricket (we have very strong teams. There are many  cricket clubs like Shaheen cricket club etc.)
  • Foot Ball
  • VolleyBall
  • Kabadi
  • Hockey