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Has PTA Removed Tax On Mobile Registration? – News today

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA has removed Tax for mobile phone devices for 120 days under Temporary Mobile Registration System

Has PTA removed the tax on mobile phone registration? PTA has issued a clarification on rumors of removing tax on mobile phones imported from abroad.

PTA has not removed tax on mobile phone registration. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has reacted to posts on social media regarding the removal of tax imposed on the import of mobile phones from abroad. A rumor was doing the rounds on social media that the government has abolished all taxes on mobile phones imported from abroad. However, PTA has dismissed it as baseless.

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In a statement released by PTA, it has been said that no such decision has been taken at the government level yet. Only Overseas Pakistanis will be exempted from these taxes. Regarding non-PTA mobile phones, it is mentioned that such mobile phones can be temporarily registered.

The PTA’s statement clarified that the tax decision falls under the jurisdiction of the FBR. Trust reliable sources instead of listening to urban rumors. According to the report, a system called ‘Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System’ (DIRBS) has been introduced by the government. By which unauthenticated mobile phones can be blocked on cellular networks.

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