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How To Get Honda Bike On Installment Without Interest

How To Get Honda Bike On Installment Without Interest | Honda 125 Price In Pakistan 2023 New Model [updated]

Honda Bike On Installment Without Interest

Can you get Honda Bike On Installment Without Interest? The simple answer is YES. Atlas Honda has once again announced installment plan with 0% interest for its best-selling bikes though Bank Al Falah.

Atlas Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer and marketer in Pakistan. This is especially useful in these tough times as many people cannot afford to buy Honda motorcycles on a down payment as they are usually a bit more expensive than their Chinese counterparts.

Honda Bike On Installment Plan via Bank Alfalah

As per the details, this offer provides easy installments of up to six months for Honda motorcycles including Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125 in Pakistan. However, the offer is only available at the company’s official 3S dealerships.

Model Honda CD 70 Honda CG 125
Price (PKR) 154,900 229,900
3 Months 51,633 76,633 0% Markup
6 Months 25,817 38,317
9 Months 20,077 29,797 Months
12 Months 15,775 23,413
18 Months 11,473 17,029
24 Months 9,325 13,840
36 Months 7,180 10,656

Atlas Honda Motorcycle On Installment Plan Meezan Bank 2023

However, customers can avail interest-free installments for up to six months only and any plan above that will incur some interest. It mentions that 2.5% processing fee and Federal Excise Duty (FED) are levied on all installment plans for Honda motorcycles.


Motorcycle pricing in Pakistan is getting out of hand due to the worsening economic situation in the country. Honda has dropped several price bombs on buyers.

Bank Alfalah offers affordable installment plans for the convenience of buyers, it helps to increase their purchasing power as it is impossible to get everything in cash in these difficult times.

For more information you can visit their official website to know more about one year and three year programs. Specifications are subject to change due to further price differences. So the installment plan will be affected by the current prices. It is better to visit the bank in person as motorcycle prices are constantly changing over the past months.


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